Health Tech Implementation Award

Do you know somebody who has been excellent in implementing health tech? Nominate them using the link below. Nominations close 31st January 2024.

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Showcase the pioneers

We showcase the pioneers who have effectively implemented health tech solutions into the healthcare system, to the benefit of patients and/or healthcare employees.

Reward the frontrunners

We want to reward the frontrunners who take initiative and achieve successful implementation of health tech and make these people and stories the heroes that will enable a (faster) culture change in the public sector, going from build and pilot to purchase and implement.​

Celebrate those who implement

Implementing health tech is necessary if we truly want to create a health care sector ready for the current and future demographic challenges and address the workforce shortage.

Emphasize the importance

Our goal is to emphasize the importance of successful health tech implementation, highlighting it as a positive and essential aspect of modern healthcare.​

A necessity

Health tech is not a “nice to have” any longer, it is a “need to have”. ​

The Hermit is the nickname for our yearly Health Tech Implementation Award. An impactful award that recognizes successful implementations of health tech solutions.

The Health Tech Implementation Awards, (The Hermit) is awarded to the driving forces behind the successful collaborations bridging the gap between healthcare and health tech. Great ideas can result in large impact, if they are implemented the right way. Our focus is to find the most successful collaborations enabling the best solutions to be used for better healthcare. The Hermit is a joint achievement - we celebrate the partnerships but especially the healthcare staff taking a chance and succeeding with implementing new health tech.

You can nominate yourself or your colleagues in the ecosystem to speak loud and proud of the work that has been done implementing a health tech solution, and we will make sure you are heard. 

Why nominate and win:
The winner will be:

Just go ahead and nominate!

You should nominate to speak loud and proud of the work you have done implementing a health tech solution, and we will make sure you are heard.

For the three finalists:

Dorte Boe Danbjørg
Danish Nurses Organisation

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg is a nurse and holds a PhD in health science. She is President of The Danish Nurses Oganisation. Dorthe has been working with innovation and technology in healthcare for the last decade. Her main interest is how to engage health care professionals in the development and implementation. ​

Ricco Dyhr
Zealand University Hospital

Ricco is a passionate champion for healthcare and leadership innovation and has been at the forefront of supporting employee well-being, workforce environment enrichment, and innovation in healthcare delivery mechanisms and quality of care initiatives. Ricco presents a new viewpoint to the subject of manpower shortages in the current structures of the health sector. Besides being the CEO of Zealand University Hospital, Ricco is a Resilience Commission member and board member of Region Zealand’s foundation for Life Science Innovation FIERS.

Ann-Louise Reventlow-Mourier​
Danish Association of Practicing Medical Specialists

Ann-Louise Reventlow-Mourier is an ENT doctor with her own clinic. She is the chairman of the Danish Association of Practicing Medical Specialists and a member of the Danish Medical Association’s board. Furthermore, she is the chairman of the Danish Medical Association’s Digitalization and IT committee​. Besides being the Chairman of Danish Association of Practicing Medical Specialists, Ann-Louise is a member of the Danish Medical Association's board

Per Bennetsen
The Health and Care Administration, City of Copenhagen

Per Bennetsen is CEO of The Health and Care Administration, City of Copenhagen and former CEO and group director of Region Sjælland. Per holds a master’s degree in techn.soc from Roskilde University (1996). ​

Morten Freil
Danish Patients

Morten Freil is the CEO of Danish Patients (Danske Patienter). Morten is trained as a health economist (cand.oecon.) and has for many years worked with user involvement and patient-perceived quality among other things during previous municipal and regional roles. Morten represents the interests of patients and their relatives vis-a-vis authorities, organizations and the media. He is also Danish Patients' representative in the Medical Council and the advisory committee for The Danish Social Investment Fund.

Why is it called "The Hermit"?

The health tech startup ecosystem needs places for innovative ideas to be embraced and protected early on within the healthcare system. Just like a hermit crab’s shell, the first place that implements a health tech solution has to be aware that they will be outgrown at one point in time. The project they took in will look for another home that is bigger. They will scale. But to start, they do need the catalysts willing to invest in them early on. So, with the Hermit we want to celebrate the partnerships between these healthcare catalysts and the startups with sky-high ambitions and inspire more implementation and impact. 

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