Health Tech Implementation Award

Terms and Conditions of Participation

Health Tech Hub Copenhagen is the birthplace of the Health Tech Implementation Award (previously: Health Tech Adoption Awards). This impactful annual award highlights the crucial partnerships needed for health tech implementation. We bring the hidden heroes into the spotlight. The bold, the perseverant, those making health tech work on the floors of the healthcare system. The people willing to enable health innovation through implementation of health tech solutions.  



Health tech: health tech or health technology (sometimes referred to as digital health) uses technology to positively affect the quality, affordability, accessibility and availability of health and wellbeing and ultimately improve quality of life. Technology is primarily software, using databases, applications, devices and wearables. 

Supplier: A supplier is an eligible business that meets points 2 and 3 below.  

Payer: The payer can be hospitals and practitioners; insurance; consumer-facing services; pharmaceuticals; government and others.   

Implementation in health tech: Implementation refers to the acceptance, integration, and use of new health technology in society. There must be a supplier, a payer and actual usage before we say that health tech is implemented.  



 1. The competition for Danish Health Tech Implementation Award is organised by Health Tech Hub Copenhagen (the organiser).  Address: Danneskiold-Samsøes Alle 41 st, 1434 Copenhagen K, CVR: 40479007, NACE-code: 949900.

2. The competition for Danish Health Tech Implementation Award is open for all health tech startups and their customers who have managed to get an innovative health tech solution implemented in Denmark and meet the participation criteria. A health tech startup is entitled to participate if the company was founded later than 2014.  

3. The Eligible Businesses wishing to participate shall have developed an innovative health tech product or solution that meets the following criteria:   

     a) To be fully implemented at the end-user (end-user and payer do not have to be the same).  

     b) The product or solution has shown beneficial results, preferably documented and having resulted in a peer-reviewed publication. The outcome could be: Enhanced citizen and/or patient engagement, decreased work burden and enhanced work processes for healthcare and welfare professionals, organisational development, care outcomes, improved quality of life, or cost reduction. 

     c) Nominated to the award must be a partnership between “the Eligible Business” and “the Payer”. Hereafter referred to as “Nominated Partners”.   

     d) The Eligible Business and/or “the Payer” can participate with several different products or solutions, if they meet the criteria above.  

4. All information detailing how to enter this competition forms part of these terms and conditions. It is a condition of entry into the competition that the Nominated Partners agree to abide by these terms and conditions. The submission of a registration form shall indicate the acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Nominated Partners.

5. Entries into the competition should be submitted by filling in a registration form and submitting it through the designated website. All registrations for the Award must be received by the registration closing time and date, as announced on the designated website. The jury may at their discretion extend the deadline for entries. Late, illegible, or incomplete entries will not be accepted. 

6. The jury may request the participating Nominated Partners to provide further information on the Eligible Business, the Payer or their product or solution during the competition. Nominated Partners are responsible for ensuring that all information provided in the registration form and during the competition process is accurate and complete. Should the jury find that any information provided to it is in breach of these terms and conditions, it may exclude the Nominated Partners from the competition.

7. No fee will be charged from the Eligible Businesses and their customer for participating in the competition. The organisers will not cover any costs or expenses incurred by the participating Nominated Partners due to their participation in the competition. 

8. The jury of the competition will consist of representatives selected by the organisers. The jury will select the winners of the Danish Health Tech Implementation Award based on the product or solution and its implementation that best fulfils the criteria described in 3 a-d and resulting in the best outcome. 

9. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

10. The three finalists will be notified after the final jury meeting. The competitors shall keep this information confidential until the public announcement of the finalists.

11. The winners of the Danish Health Tech Implementation Award will be provided with a prize consisting of a pair of artworks (one for each Nominated Partner) that is created exclusively for this event.

12. The participating Nominated Partners retain all intellectual property rights in the product or solution named in their entry for the competition for the Danish Health Tech Implementation Award. The Nominated Partners warrant that by participating in the competition with the product or solution named in the entry for the competition, the Nominated Partners do not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights. The Nominated Partners are to indemnify the organisers against any damages, including reasonable legal fees, arising out of a claim that the participation of the Nominated Partners in the competition infringes a third party’s intellectual property rights.

13. Health Tech Hub Copenhagen may use the finalists' name, tradename, logos, trademarks, or product/solution names in connection with advertising, press releases or otherwise regarding future Danish Health Tech Implementation Award and in the organiser’s marketing regarding their contribution to the Award. The winner commits to participate in one interview related to the Danish Health Tech Implementation Award, showcasing the solution.

14. The organisers of the competition reserve the right not to award the prize or to cancel or modify the Danish Health Tech Implementation Award with no liability to the participating Nominated Partners (“Eligible Business” and “the Payer”) if the competition is not capable of running as planned – for any reason.

15. The participation in the competition for Danish Health Tech Implementation Award and these terms and conditions shall be subject to Danish law.