Our story
The world is facing a turning point in health. The need for big ticket change has never been more critical. To change the trajectory of our common healthcare future, we need to work together smarter and more effectively across our areas of expertise. In a region with high digital maturity - where people are not afraid to try new things and with our unique citizen health data at the ready - we can pioneer the healthcare the world so desperately needs. We believe it is our duty to act.

A global network of curious minds

To achieve global health, we need to adopt a global mindset. We need to reach out, learn from and inspire one another. Our ecosystem has a global reach and we are building an international community to tackle the challenges of our connected world, leaving no one behind.

Trust builds bridges

We believe the potential for designing the future of healthcare is built into the Nordic culture. An essential part of how we achieve our goals is our ability to trust one another. We work with startups, businesses and governments to fast-track new solutions that reach far beyond the borders of our region. We do it by changing professional barriers into trusted relationships, thus making adoption of health tech possible at scale.

A legacy of trailblazing care

Building on the comprehensive healthcare systems of the Nordic region, our hub is a natural extension from old to new. We work to support and connect decades of healthcare wisdom with emerging new development opportunities, expanding the possibilities therein. By applying new technology solutions to the challenges faced by healthcare systems, we help enable better health and more efficient healthcare for everyone.

Keep going


Big plans

In February 2018, Jesper decides to commit to his passion for health and technology. He quits his job at TDC and starts researching the needs within health tech.

The journey begins

By November, the analysis of health tech startups' needs in Denmark is finished, and the work begins.

Meaningful impact

Valentin joins Jesper as Co-Founder, and adoption of solutions becomes the sole purpose.

Vital support

The first Core Partners join the mission - Confederation of Danish Industry, Roche and Netcompany. Funding is awarded by The Danish Insudtry Foundation.

A new home

The first seven startups move into Pier47 and create our manifesto - Health Tech Hub Copenhagen is now a reality.

Global goals

Health Tech Hub Copenhagen joins HealthTech Nordic: the largest community for healthtech companies in the Nordics, connecting the dots between innovative solutions, healthcare and the global market.

A new threat

By the spring, responding to the coronavirus pandemic becomes the prime directive. We collaborate and spar with the Health Ministry, the Danish Regions and the WHO, and publish catalogues of 120+ health tech solutions.

A record year

By the end of 2020, the 21 Health Tech Hub Copenhagen members have secured 145m DKK funding (out of the +500m DKK for the whole Danish health tech ecosystem), and have created 113 new jobs.

New companions

Several new partnerships are signed: BII, the Foreign Ministry, Rigshospitalet and Novo Nordisk join the Health Tech Hub Copenhagen journey.

Honouring partnerships

The inaugural Health Tech Adoption Awards are held, presenting The Hermit to three successful collaborations between health tech and healthcare.

A major milestone

Solutions by Health Tech Hub Copenhagen members are now helping over 2.000.000 people.
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