We empower healthcare systems and institutions to keep up with the exponential growth of technology by connecting their expert knowledge with development opportunities and validating business cases.

What we offer:
Patients over publications

We help achieve adoption, scaling of solutions, and a new way of data collection that creates real-world evidence and new insights.
A shift to global radical solutions

We need to be brave and think radical, and go for globally relevant value and impact. We help you build a stronger innovation culture.
The opportunity of entrepreneurship

As a health tech entrepreneur you can digitally scale the way your knowledge impacts people, and create a positive impact on many lives.


The health sector’s innovation ecosystem in Denmark is vibrant but fragmented, and lives in the shadow of research. Denmark produces top-level research and a high number of  patents, but has one of the world’s lowest conversion rates to value propositions.

Global impact is created in partnerships, by the combination of the researchers’ skills, knowledge, and creativity, and the entrepreneur’s agile mindset.


  • Five healthcare partnerships signed, more to be announced.
  • 36 collaborations have been nominated for The Hermit in 2021.
  • The Danish life science industry has grown by 127% in 8 years.

Community in action:

The power of the brain

In Conversation

PAULA: CTO of Brain+ on collaboration between corporate and startup, the need for curiosity and on daring to fail: "You need to be able to fail, because that's the only way you will learn."

Building bridges


BILL: William McKeon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Medical Center, talks about what the world's largest medical city is looking for in Denmark. "We look to create an opportunity for the world's best companies to come to the United States and be successful."

Doing the right thing

In Conversation

HANS: Founder of Be My Eyes on language barriers, taking our health into our own hands, and the importance of just getting things done. "Today we are the biggest community of blind people in the world. I didn't expect that to happen."

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