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Copenhagen Health Tech Summit returned for the second year, exploring how technology can help alleviate healthcare staff shortages while enabling better, more efficient healthcare for the benefit of patients, healthcare professionals and society. On offer:

  • A full-day, thought-provoking health tech program on stage
  • Hands-on workshops and breakout sessions offering a deep-dive into specific topics
  • An unparallelled opportunity to meet and network with the health tech & healthcare ecosystem
  • An app platform to discover and meet fellow attendees, book meetings and interact with our speakers
  • A 1:1 meeting area for those important discussions
  • And much more
Doors open, Networking breakfast
Let's kick of CHTS 2024! We open the doors to our traditional networking breakfast - so arrive in good time to grab a bite and a cup of coffee with your fellow health tech enthusiasts!
Main Stage
Opening remarks
Jesper Grønbæk, Founder & CEO, HTHC, Lina Gandløse Hansen, State Secretary for Global Trade and Sustainability, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Welcome to Copenhagen Health Tech Summit 2024! Healthcare systems around the world are facing unprecedented challenges. Today we will explore how health technology can help ensure equal access to better health and healthcare globally.
Digital transformation of health systems in Europe – where is equitable health technology when its needed most?
Clayton Hamilton (Regional Technical Officer, Data and Digital Health, WHO Regional Office for Europe)
The opening keynote of CHTS 2024 by Clayton Hamilton will boldly address the digital transformation of health systems in Europe, confronting the urgent need for equitable health technology access amidst macro forces shaping the future of digital health.
Shaping healthcare together: the role of pharma in the past, present and future
Sofie Roorda (Global Associate Strategy Director Novo Nordisk)
Pressured health systems and increasing prevalence of serious chronic diseases is an outlook to not just prepare for, but to solve for. Together, we need to act to become part of alleviating the pressure, re-imagine care and improve health outcomes. This keynote explores the urgency and health issue we are facing, the role of pharma and the importance of working together in shaping the future of health care.
Health Tech Horizons: Navigating Investment Trends and the European Outlook
Nicolas Bouchet (Investment Manager, HTHC), Claudia Maria Colciago (Senior Investment Manager, EIFO)
In a dynamic keynote session, Nicolas Bouchet from Health Tech Hub Copenhagen and Claudia Colciago from Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) will dissect the latest trends in health tech investment both in Denmark and on a global scale, with a particular focus on the European outlook. Join us for this deep dive into where the health tech sector is headed and how to navigate its challenges and opportunities in the coming years!
Bridging the Gap: Empowering Health Equity Through Technology
Ricco Dyhr (CEO, Zealand University Hospital), Beth Wolff (Director Digital Health Solutions, Global Corporate Strategy & BD, Lundbeck), Tue Lehn-Schiøler (CEO, BrainCapture), Morten Rasmussen (CEO, Danish Care), moderator: Birgitte Østergård Sørensen (Business Manager, Healthcare Robotics, Danish Technological Institute)
Join our experts in examining the pivotal role of health technology in promoting health equity both nationally and globally. Through a comprehensive discussion, the panel will address the potential of health tech to eliminate disparities, optimize healthcare delivery, and empower communities, thereby fostering a more inclusive health ecosystem.
Networking Lunch
We take a break from our main stage program to refuel body and mind, inviting you to meet and connect across roles and expertise, forming new, valuable connections.
Advancing Women's Health Through Strategic Investments
Charlotte Nørgaard Langer (Venture Builder), Mette Dyhrberg (CEO, Mymee), Pernille Ravn Jakobsen (Co-Founder, COO, PhD, OSAIA Health), moderator: Anett Falussy (Head of Comms & Events, HTHC)
This fireside chat aims to uncover the transformative role of investments in health technology for women's health, showcasing the vital role of financial support in driving advancements and fostering a robust digital health ecosystem for female-centric healthcare innovations - for the benefit of society on the whole.
Incentivizing the Adoption of Health Tech Innovations in Healthcare
Rasmus Møgelvang (CEO, Rigshospitalet)
In an insightful keynote, Rasmus Møgelvang, CEO of Rigshospitalet, will address the critical role of incentives in the widespread implementation and scaling of health tech solutions on a national and global level. This keynote will navigate the complexities of motivating hospitals to embrace technological advancements, offering a pragmatic approach to building and reinforcing the necessary incentives, translating into tangible benefits for patient care and healthcare efficiency.
Health tech Implementation and Impact: Jury Insights from The Hermit
Ricco Dyhr (CEO, Zealand University Hospital), Ann-Louise Reventlow Mourier (Chairman, Danish Association of Practicing Medical Specialists), Dorthe Boe Danbjørg (President, Danish Nurses Organisation), Per Bennetsen (CEO, The Health and Care Administration - City of Copenhagen), panel moderator: Andreas Pihl (Medical and Scientific Affairs Lead Roche Diagnostics Danmark)
Dive into the heart of innovation with this panel debate featuring the esteemed jury members of the Health Tech Implementation Award - The Hermit. Innovation without implementation is just a good idea, and the panelists of this unique session will discuss what sets apart the most impactful health tech implementations, share their perspectives on emerging trends, and the need and potential they see for scalable implementation for digital health solutions.
Meet the Finalists of the Hermit 2024
Mads Borgstrøm-Hansen (Chef for Center for Sundhedsfremme, Aalborg Kommune), Konny Riising (Leder af Sundhedscentret, Høje-Taastrup Kommune), Stefan Møller Luef (Chief Physician, Respiratory Department, Odense Universitetshospital), Mette-Charlotte Marklund Head of Department. Radiologist, Ph.d. MMD at Dept. of Radiology and Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, North Zealand Hospital, Capital Region)
Meet the finalists of The Health Tech Implementation Award (The Hermit). We welcome on stage the representatives of three pioneering healthcare organisations, to share the needs and visions driving their successful implementation journeys. Learn from their challenges and successes as we gear up to announcing the winner of The Hermit 2024.
Winner Announcement: The Hermit 2024
The time has finally come: announcing the winners of the Health Tech Implementation Award 2024. Celebrate with us the winning collaboration of a healthcare catalyst and a health techstartup, bridging the gap between healthcare and health tech.
Networking break
We take a quick break from our main stage program, before continuing with even more great health tech content.
Green Health: How Technology is Part of the Way for Sustainable Hospitals
Maria Gaden (Head of Center for Sustainable Hospitals)
In a keynote address that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring, Maria Gaden from the Center of Sustainable Hospitals will explore the role of health tech in fostering environmental sustainability within the healthcare sector. As the world grapples with the dual challenges of improving healthcare outcomes and reducing environmental footprints, the intersection of technology and sustainability has never been more critical. Maria's presentation will touch upon innovative technologies and practices that are setting new standards for eco-friendly healthcare – and upon how new standards and standardization is needed in order to report and measure impact. Attendees will gain insight into how technology is not just enhancing patient care but also ensuring that care does not come at the expense of our planet. This keynote is a must-attend for anyone interested in the future of healthcare, sustainability, and the technology that bridges the gap between the two.
Strategic Leadership in Digital Health Innovation: Taking a Proactive Approach to Preventive Care
Bogi Eliasen (Director of Health,Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies)
From what to how: in this enlightening keynote, Bogi Eliasen, an expert in the field of health and sustainability and the Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, will delve into the pivotal role of strategic leadership in harnessing the potential of health technology for preventive care. With a rich background that spans political science, international law, and bioethics, Bogi has been at the forefront of integrating diverse knowledge to innovate within the healthcare sector. This presentation will underscore the significance of strategic decisions made by leaders in adopting and promoting digital solutions that are set to transform preventive health measures, marking a shift towards a more anticipatory stance in health management.
The journey from ideation to successful implementation
Andreas Dam (CEO, Daman), Mikkel Wad Thorsen (CEO,, Dr Stuart W. Flint (President, Scaled Insights; Associate Professor, University of Leeds; Honorary Academic, Department of Health and Social Care), moderator: Jesper Juel-Helwig, Chief of Staff, Rigshospitalet
Join us for our final panel debate, exploring the vital journey from ideation to successful implementation, the challenges that must be overcome, and the profound impact digital health technologies are having on the healthcare landscape. Prepare to be inspired by how healthcare organisations and solution providers collaborate to enable change, and the profound impact of digital health on the healthcare landscape.
Closing Remarks
Jesper Grønbæk (Founder & CEO, HTHC)
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark thank you for joining CHTS 2024. The main stage program is closing, but the discussions continue - join us at the Networking Reception, starting now.
Ground floor
Networking Reception
Join us for an exclusive networking reception following CHTS 2024, an event designed to foster connections, inspire collaborations, and spark innovative ideas. Don't miss this chance to expand your network, explore collaborative opportunities, and unwind after a day of engaging discussions and groundbreaking revelations in the heart of Copenhagen's vibrant health tech community.
Breakout Sessions
Workshop: How to best interact with a Notified Body for a successful MDR application?
Ingeborg Knol (Business Development Manager, Medical Devices, BSI Group)
We welcome MedTech companies who develop products for the European market. At this event you get the opportunity to meet BSI, one of the leading notified bodies. We will listen to Ingeborg Knol - Business Development Manager, Medical Devices – for Benelux, Denmark & Iceland. She will share their insights on how to best interact with a Notified Body for a successful MDR application.
Workshop: How to develop for maximum equity and accessibility!
Beth Wolff (Director Digital Health Solutions, Global Corporate Strategy & BD, Lundbeck)
There is so much great innovation in digital health. Getting it out there to users means really understanding their world and how to develop for their reality. Often times what is possible in the tech world is not possible in our users’ worlds and that blocks great products from getting to them. In this workshop you will learn what impacts people’s ability to be healthy and to use digital health tools, what factors must be considered when designing for greatest equity and access, and a simple method to map the factors to your product’s features and identify gaps that will keep people from using your product. This workshop will give hands-on training for a simple method and a tool to help you in your future product development.
Breakout Session: Investing in Health Tech
Claudia Maria Colciago (Senior Investment Manager, EIFO), Christian Elster Jacobsen (CEO, Eupry)
Discover EIFO's approach to investing in health tech and how they seek to empower portfolio companies. Through fireside chats between EIFO professionals and portfolio CEOs, we will unveil the journey from innovation to investment to growth. Join this breakout session to get exclusive insights into the future of healthcare investments.
Thank you to our speakers:
Clayton Hamilton
Regional Technical Officer, Data and Digital Health
WHO Regional Office for Europe

Mr. Clayton Hamilton is the Regional Technical Officer for Data and Digital Health within the WHO Regional Office for Europe’s Division for Country Health Policies and Systems, providing qualified support and guidance on all aspects of digital transformation in the context of strengthening and reforming health systems of the Region’s 53 Member States.

Rasmus Møgelvang
Chief Executive

​Rasmus Møgelvang has been the Chief Executive at Rigshospitalet since 1 January 2023. He is a qualified physician and a medical specialist in cardiology, and he has a PhD from the University of Copenhagen. Rasmus has previously been the Deputy Chief Executive of the hospital. He has also been the Centre Director of the Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet.

Ann-Louise Reventlow-Mourier
Danish Association of Practicing Medical Specialists

Ann-Louise Reventlow-Mourier is an ENT doctor with her own clinic. She is the chairman of the Danish Association of Practicing Medical Specialists and a member of the Danish Medical Association’s board. Furthermore, she is the chairman of the Danish Medical Association’s Digitalization and IT committee.​

Andreas Dam
CEO & Founder

Andreas is the CEO and founder of Daman - a software product house and digital agency specialized in creating digital healthcare solutions that empower people with chronic diseases. He is truly committed to enable digital and social technologies to improve the quality of life of those living with a chronic illness.

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg
Danish Nurses Organisation

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg is a nurse and holds a PhD in health science. She is President of The Danish Nurses Oganisation. Dorthe has been working with innovation and technology in healthcare for the last decade. Her main interest is how to engage health care professionals in the development and implementation. ​

Beth Wolff
Director, Digital Health Solutions

Beth Wolff is Director, Digital Health Solutions in Global Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Lundbeck. Beth has a strong interest in health equity. She recently completed an MSc in Public Health for which she researched equity models for digital health to identify areas that lead to greater gaps in care, and developed a method for digital health solutions developers to use to minimize inequity and increase user access. Prior to Lundbeck, Beth was CCO at Brain+ and held leadership roles within Sandoz, Novo Nordisk and LEO Pharma.

Charlotte Langer
Health Tech Venture Builder

Charlotte is a health tech Venture Builder and Women’s Health topic expert. Experience from KRING (VC fund & Venture Studio), where she initiated and led their Women’s Health investment vertical, and Angella Invest, where she leads the popular Women’s Health group. Her background is in Management Consulting (BCG), Venture and Corporate Law.

Bogi Eliasen
Director of Health

Bogi Eliasens expertise lies in combining various fields of knowledge. He was initiator of the first population genome project FarGen. At CIFS, he dives into topics such as the future of genomics, data, digital functions, and their integration with health. Bogi is also the Chair of the Danish UNESCO Bioethical Committee, initiator of Nordic Health 2030 and has a key role in both the global Future Proofing Health Index and Movimiento Salud 2030. His next big focus is facilitating the shift and building bridges between the fields of personal and public health.

Sofie Roorda
Global Associate Strategy Director
Novo Nordisk

Sofie is an experienced commercial strategist within Digital Health, leading development of digital health strategies for Novo Nordisk’s diabetes and obesity portfolio. Sofie has been part of Novo Nordisk’s journey into Digital Health from the early beginning and brings years of experience with developing digital therapeutics. Novo Nordisk digital health is on a mission to help people receive the maximum therapeutic benefit from their medicines.

Nicolas Bouchet
Investment Manager
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

Nicolas is a business economist of training and has dedicated his career to various commercial roles in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, both locally and internationally. Fuelled by a passion for innovation in healthcare, he made a strategic move into the health tech industry, where he most recently served as CEO of a startup.

Per Bennetsen
The Health and Care Administration City of Copenhagen​

Per Bennetsen is CEO of The Health and Care Administration, City of Copenhagen and former CEO and group director of Region Sjælland.

Jesper Grønbæk
Founder & CEO
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

Jesper was trained as an economist and management consultant, then helped software companies grow & scale for a decade, before mortgaging his house and being a software entrepreneur  himself.  Six years ago, Jesper devoted all his working time and effort to health tech, since he is intrigued with the possibilities of what the right health tech solutions can do for people, patients, staff, and the economy. Privately he keeps healthy by spending time on a bicycle. 

Ricco Dyhr
Zealand University Hospital

Ricco has been at the forefront of supporting employee well-being, workforce environment enrichment, and innovation in healthcare delivery mechanisms and quality of care initiatives over the years. With his new position as CEO of Denmark's second largest emergency hospital, he and his talented team of employees are at the forefront of bringing the healthcare system into the future.​

Claudia Colciago
Senior Investment Manager
Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund

Morten Rasmussen
Danish Care

Morten has been supporting public-private cooperation, innovation and start-ups within medtech, assistive technology and digital welfare solutions over the last two decades. Today, as CEO of the Danish.Care – the Danish Trade Association of Assistive Technology, he works to promote the development, implementation and scaling of technologies and solutions aimed at creating equal opportunities and worthy and active lives for everyone.

Maria Gaden
Head of Department
Center for Sustainable Hospitals

Maria Gadens experience and expertise comes from years of clinical experience as a midwife, an international masters degree in Leadership & Innovation in Complex Systems (LAICS), and from leading projects and processes, accelerating the transition towards sustainable hospitals in CDR. In CfSH the inner circle of Circular Economy, 'reduce', is centre of attention in a number of clinical projects, where the challenges and potentials linked to both clinical behaviour, guidelines, legal framework and organisational culture and communication is tested.

Jesper Juel-Helwig
Chief of Staff

Anett Falussy
Head of Communications & Events
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

A tech ecosystem builder for 9+ years, Anett has previously worked with hardware, deep tech and fintech; leading and facilitating local and global tech events, creating purpose-driven communications, supporting acceleration and scaling, and building a vibrant community of tech innovators and stakeholders.. As the Head of Communications and Events at Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, she is passionate about making health tech everyone's business.

Tue Lehn-Schiøler

Tue Lehn-Schiøler is an entrepreneur and AI specialist, currently serving as the CEO of BrainCapture, a company aiming to revolutionize neurological diagnostics with an affordable AI-powered EEG solution. His rich background in artificial intelligence is complemented by his experiences as a researcher, consultant, entrepreneur, and Chief Data Scientist at Denmark's largest bank, underlining his expertise and commitment to using AI for meaningful innovations.

More speakers announced soon!

We discussed:
Improving workforce shortages

Healthcare systems are facing an unprecedented crisis of staff shortages. Discuss with us what part technology can play in alleviating the human resource crisis and preventing healthcare burnout.

Change and Implementation

How can healthcare organisations succeed with implementing new technologies in a sustainable way? What commitment and investment is needed, and how can all stakeholders work together to ensure long-term success and scalability?

Health Tech Trends Changing Healthcare

Take a deep-dive into how digital health is evolving. Learn about the newest technologies from AI to VR and find out more about how startups and scaleups are driving the health tech revolution.

Global Impact

Healthcare challenges are global, not local, and health tech can help ensure access to better health and healthcare globally. But how can health tech startups and scaleups build solutions with scalability and global markets in mind?

Health Equality and Equity

Everyone deserves access to good health, and health tech has the potential to make healthcare more equitable. We explore how digital solutions can help ensure equal access to and outcomes in healthcare.

Featuring: The Health Tech Implementation Award

  • Our impactful annual award that highlights the crucial partnerships needed for health tech implementation and impact.
Visit the Award page to learn more
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