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Join us for an impactful day of inspiring talks and immersive workshops - and for a unique opportunity to meet and exchange views with leading experts and the health tech enthusiasts shaping the future of health.

Why join?

Copenhagen Health Tech Summit returns for the second year, exploring how technology can help alleviate healthcare staff shortages while enabling better, more efficient healthcare for the benefit of patients, healthcare professionals and society. What do we offer?

  • A full-day, thought-provoking health tech program on stage
  • Hands-on workshops and breakout sessions offering a deep-dive into specific topics
  • An unparallelled opportunity to meet and network with the health tech & healthcare ecosystem
  • Access to our event app: discover fellow attendees, book meetings and interact with our speakers
  • A 1:1 meeting area for those important discussions
  • Every ticket includes break refreshments and a light lunch
  • And more to be announced...
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Join us for:
Improving workforce shortages

Healthcare systems are facing an unprecedented crisis of staff shortages. Discuss with us what part technology can play in alleviating the human resource crisis and preventing healthcare burnout.

Change and Implementation

How can healthcare organisations succeed with implementing new technologies in a sustainable way? What commitment and investment is needed, and how can all stakeholders work together to ensure long-term success and scalability?

Health Tech Trends Changing Healthcare

Take a deep-dive into how digital health is evolving. Learn about the newest technologies from AI to VR and find out more about how startups and scaleups are driving the health tech revolution.

Global Impact

Healthcare challenges are global, not local, and health tech can help ensure access to better health and healthcare globally. But how can health tech startups and scaleups build solutions with scalability and global markets in mind?

Health Equality and Equity

Everyone deserves access to good health, and health tech has the potential to make healthcare more equitable. We explore how digital solutions can help ensure equal access to and outcomes in healthcare.

Featuring: The Health Tech Implementation Award

  • Our impactful annual award that highlights the crucial partnerships needed for health tech implementation and impact.
  • Meet the finalists and celebrate with us as we reveal the winner of this year's Hermit award.
Visit the Award page to learn more
Rasmus Møgelvang
Chief Executive

​Rasmus Møgelvang has been the Chief Executive at Rigshospitalet since 1 January 2023. He is a qualified physician and a medical specialist in cardiology, and he has a PhD from the University of Copenhagen. Rasmus has previously been the Deputy Chief Executive of the hospital. He has also been the Centre Director of the Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet.

Ann-Louise Reventlow-Mourier
Danish Association of Practicing Medical Specialists

Ann-Louise Reventlow-Mourier is an ENT doctor with her own clinic. She is the chairman of the Danish Association of Practicing Medical Specialists and a member of the Danish Medical Association’s board. Furthermore, she is the chairman of the Danish Medical Association’s Digitalization and IT committee.​

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg
Danish Nurses Organisation

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg is a nurse and holds a PhD in health science. She is President of The Danish Nurses Oganisation. Dorthe has been working with innovation and technology in healthcare for the last decade. Her main interest is how to engage health care professionals in the development and implementation. ​

Andreas Dam
CEO & Founder

Andreas is the CEO and founder of Daman - a software product house and digital agency specialized in creating digital healthcare solutions that empower people with chronic diseases. He is truly committed to enable digital and social technologies to improve the quality of life of those living with a chronic illness.

Per Bennetsen
The Health and Care Administration City of Copenhagen​

Per Bennetsen is CEO of The Health and Care Administration, City of Copenhagen and former CEO and group director of Region Sjælland.

Jesper Grønbæk
Founder & CEO
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

Jesper was trained as an economist and management consultant, then helped software companies grow & scale for a decade, before mortgaging his house and being a software entrepreneur  himself. Four years ago, Jesper devoted all his working time and effort to health tech, since he is intrigued with the possibilities of what the right health tech solutions can do for people, patients, staff, and the economy. Privately he keeps healthy by spending time on a bicycle. 

Ricco Dyhr
Zealand University Hospital

Ricco has been at the forefront of supporting employee well-being, workforce environment enrichment, and innovation in healthcare delivery mechanisms and quality of care initiatives over the years. With his new position as CEO of Denmark's second largest emergency hospital, he and his talented team of employees are at the forefront of bringing the healthcare system into the future.​

Maria Gaden
Head of Department
Center for Sustainable Hospitals

Maria Gadens experience and expertise comes from years of clinical experience as a midwife, an international masters degree in Leadership & Innovation in Complex Systems (LAICS), and from leading projects and processes, accelerating the transition towards sustainable hospitals in CDR. In CfSH the inner circle of Circular Economy, 'reduce', is centre of attention in a number of clinical projects, where the challenges and potentials linked to both clinical behaviour, guidelines, legal framework and organisational culture and communication is tested.

Anett Falussy
Head of Communications & Events
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

A tech ecosystem builder for 9+ years, Anett has previously worked with hardware, deep tech and fintech; leading and facilitating local and global tech events, creating purpose-driven communications, supporting acceleration and scaling, and building a vibrant community of tech innovators and stakeholders.. As the Head of Communications and Events at Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, she is passionate about making health tech everyone's business.

Beth Wolff
Director, Digital Health Solutions

Beth Wolff is Director, Digital Health Solutions in Global Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Lundbeck. Beth has a strong interest in health equity. She recently completed an MSc in Public Health for which she researched equity models for digital health to identify areas that lead to greater gaps in care, and developed a method for digital health solutions developers to use to minimize inequity and increase user access. Prior to Lundbeck, Beth was CCO at Brain+ and held leadership roles within Sandoz, Novo Nordisk and LEO Pharma.

Charlotte Langer
Health Tech Venture Builder

Charlotte is a health tech Venture Builder and Women’s Health topic expert. Experience from KRING (VC fund & Venture Studio), where she initiated and led their Women’s Health investment vertical, and Angella Invest, where she leads the popular Women’s Health group. Her background is in Management Consulting (BCG), Venture and Corporate Law.

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CHTS 2024 is hosted by Health Tech Hub Copenhagen and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark - The Trade Council.
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen
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We believe every person should have access to good health. We work with startups, businesses and governments to make adoption of health tech possible at scale. By changing professional barriers into trusted relationships, we help make it possible to fast-track new solutions that reach far beyond the borders of our region. See more
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The Trade Council is the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that assists companies in realising their ambitions within export, innovation and growth. Each year, The Trade Council helps around 3,000 companies to expand their export activities and enter new markets. CPH Health Tech Summit - The Trade Council
CHTS 2023

The very first edition of Copenhagen Health Tech Summit was held on 10. May 2023. It marked an important milestone in the roadmap towards implementation of health tech solutions at scale, through a deeply engaging program focused on real-life needs and solutions for a better, global healthcare future and a more digital health.

The people
195 health tech enthusiasts exchanging ideas and learnings, inspiring new thoughts and exploring ways to collaborate for the benefit of all.
Global reach
9+ countries represented from around the globe, with stakeholders from within healthcare, health tech and more.
The program
A full-day stage program of keynotes, panel debates and The Hermit Awardshow. Four immersive workshops on corporate-startup collaboration, access to international markets, startup acceleration and youth involvement. Networking breaks and 1:1 meeting sessions ensuring new, fruitful connections, bridging the gap between healthcare and health tech.
Steven Collens

Steven Collens is CEO of MATTER, the premier healthcare technology incubator and innovation center. MATTER has worked with more than 800 healthcare technology ventures since launching in 2015, and the company partners with dozens of industry-leading companies, health systems and universities. Steven previously held roles at the investment firm, Pritzker Group, and the global medical products company, Abbott. He holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a BA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg
Vice President
Danish Nurses Organisation

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg is a nurse and holds a PhD in health science. She is vice president of The Danish Nurses Organisation. Dorthe has been working with innovation and technology in healthcare for the last decade. She is the author of a new book on technology in nursing.

Camilla Noelle Rathcke
Danish Medical Association

Camilla divides her working time between her duties as chairman of the Medical Association and clinical work with patients who suffer from hormonal diseases. She has a strong commitment to ensuring that digitization, which is inevitable in a modern healthcare system, takes place in the best possible way for patients and healthcare professionals. Camilla has, among other things, been a member of the Siri Commission, which focused on the societal implications of AI.

Maria Damborg Hald
Public Sector Lead
Microsoft Denmark

Maria Damborg Hald is Public Sector Lead in Microsoft Denmark, where she leads the work with the continued development and digitization of the public sector in Denmark. She started at Microsoft Denmark in 2020 and came from a role as Deputy Director General at Agency for Public Finance and Management - Ministry of Finance. She has a deep experience and knowledge of digitization in the public sector, and in her previous public sector senior management roles she has, among other things, lead a number of large cross government IT transformation programs.

Valentin Bejan
Scaling & adoption advisor
investor & health tech expert

Advising on digital health implementation & scaling. Co-founder of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen where he drove the adoption of clever, responsible health tech. Former Head of Innovation at Momentum Mental Healthcare. Worked on prevention models and expanding care outside of the clinics.  As a top-tier management consultant, helped health and tech clients on four continents.

Jesper Algren
Head of Center for
Innovation in Aarhus

Jesper is leading the cross organizational innovation in the City of Aarhus. He focuses on heightening the innovation capacity within the organization, to foster new solutions and business models that can help solve the large societal challenges. Jesper holds a Master in Information Technology and an executive education from Harvard Business School, focused on tech entrepreneurship, Business development and strategy.

Martin Vesterby
MD. PhD., Health Tech Adoption Partner
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

Connecting T-shaped professionals that possess skills and knowledge to innovate the healthcare sector: Martin has set his eyes on trying to diagnose the healthcare sector and find in what way it’s relevant to treat it with digital solutions. Not to apply solutions just because it’s doable but to work on what’s usable. He helps the sector adopt evidence-based solutions that bring value to patients, society, and the business behind.

Jesper Grønbæk
Founder & CEO
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

Jesper was trained as an economist and management consultant, then helped software companies grow & scale for a decade, before mortgaging his house and being a software entrepreneur  himself. Four years ago, Jesper devoted all his working time and effort to health tech, since he is intrigued with the possibilities of what the right health tech solutions can do for people, patients, staff, and the economy.

Anna-Karin Edsted Bonamy

Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy is the CEO of Doctrin, a Swedish healthtech scale up founded in 2016, that helps digitalizing the patient journey. Doctrin is a B2B SaaS company, and its platform has been used in 6 million consultations by leading healthcare providers in Sweden, Norway, Czechia, and the UK. Before joining Doctrin in 2017, Anna-Karin worked more than 15 years in healthcare, as consultant pediatrician and associate professor at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

Bjorn Zoega
Karolinska University Hospital

Hansen is ranked 7th best hospital in the world.

Kim Veber Carlsen
Head of Unit
Capital Region of Denmark

Kim Veber Carlsen is Head of Unit oat the Capital region of Denmark

Pilar Hernandez Hermida

Pilar is a Go-to-Market expert with 20+ years of experience in international sales, partnerships, and business development in the Health and Tech sectors, and the founder of i-expand.

Robert Lauritzen

Robert is helping a vastly growing global need for medical imaging based diagnostics by rethinking radiology as the CEO of health tech startup Cerebriu.

Stefan Bartosch

Stefan is the CEO of DMAC in Germany. Stefan is an experienced executive in Healthcare, IT and Professional Services. He successfully connected Healthcare providers in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Marco Bo Hansen
Sani nudge

Marco is a medical doctor, PhD, Director and board member. Marco is an expert in sustainable healthcare innovations, digitalization and automation. His speacialities are improvement in healthcare, patient and healthcare worker safety, healthcare innovation, behavioural science and influencing health policy. He is Chief Medical Officer of health tech startup Sani Nudge.

Egon Toft
Head of Research
Aalborg University Hospital

Egon is an experienced University Vice President and the Head of Research at Aalborg University Hospital. He has established an array of health educations, initiated collaborative research resulting in a handful of commercialisation projects with one reaching the stock market.

Andreas Cleve

Andreas Cleve is a serial-entrepreneur in the healthcare space and the co-founder and CEO of Corti, revolutionizing the healthcare industry, one patient consultation at a time.

Freddy Lippert
International CMO

Freddy Lippert is the international Chief Medical Officer for Falck (an international healthcare company) and chair of the European Emergency Medical Services Leadership. Freddy is a founding member of European EMS Leadership and the Global Resuscitation Alliance. He has worked for more than 25 years in emergency care, as a clinician, medical director, and director of EMS in the capital region of Denmark for 10 years.

Harri Tatti,
Senior Sales Executive, EMEA Healthcar
Amazon Web Services

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, serving millions of customers.

Simon Lajboschitz

Simon Lajboschitz is co-founder of Khora. Khora is an Extended Reality company. They have created more than 300 XR projects (and facilitated more than 1200 workshops), including healthcare-related ones.

Paula Petcu

Paula Petcu, is a specialist in Digital Health solutions. She is the CTO of Brain+, leading the tech strategy and the tech team. She is also the CEO of a new startup, Healthy Mind Tech.

Corinne Collignon
Head of
Digital Health Mission

Corinne Collignon is the Head of France's Digital Health Mission department, which aims to facilitate the integration of digital technology into professional practices and implement the assessment of digital medical devices.

Anders Tunold-Hansen
Head of
Nordic Interoperability Project

Anders Tunold-Hansen is heading the industry-initiated Nordic Interoperability Project, working towards making cross-border patient and health data mobility into the Nordic reality.

Søren Kleberg

Søren Kleberg is the CEO and Business Development Specialist at SelfBack, a health tech startup offering an AI-powered, evidence-based, digital therapeutics solution for low back pain patients.

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