We’re a purpose driven innovation hub. We believe every person should have access to good health. We work with startups, businesses and governments to make adoption of health tech possible — at scale.
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Community in action:

The power of the brain

In Conversation

PAULA: CTO of Brain+ on collaboration between corporate and startup, the need for curiosity and on daring to fail: "You need to be able to fail, because that's the only way you will learn."

Building bridges


BILL: William McKeon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Medical Center, talks about what the world's largest medical city is looking for in Denmark. "We look to create an opportunity for the world's best companies to come to the United States and be successful."

Doing the right thing

In Conversation

HANS: Founder of Be My Eyes on language barriers, taking our health into our own hands, and the importance of just getting things done. "Today we are the biggest community of blind people in the world. I didn't expect that to happen."

Meet our members:

Making life with diabetes easier


Our vision is to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes and make the best diabetes management tools available.

The monitoring tool your staff deserves


Our mission is to alleviate the pressure on care staff around the world

Artificial intelligence to empower patient engagements


Artificial intelligence to empower patient engagement

On a mission to build the future of mental health care.


Heka VR combines psychotherapy, avatar therapy, and virtual reality to help patients fight auditory hallucinations more effectively through personalized treatment and fewer side effects.

Improving healthcare with Virtual and Augmented Reality


SyncVR Medical is a social enterprise with the mission to improve healthcare with Extended Reality (XR). We do this through our XR platform with 30+ XR apps in our XR App Store. We are proud that 150+ healthcare organizations all over Europe are now using our SyncVR Medical Platform to make a positive impact in healthcare with XR.

Building a culture of trust
To keep up with the exponential growth of new technology, we need a different way of working. We need to spend less time on spreadsheets and NDAs and more on what truly matters. We need trust. Meet our TEAM
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