Nice to meet you! We are a diverse team of health tech enthusiasts working to make adoption possible at scale.

Our team
Jesper Grønbæk
  • Founder & CEO
Jesper was trained as an economist and management consultant, then helped software companies grow & scale for a decade, before mortgaging his house and being a software entrepreneur  himself. Four years ago, Jesper devoted all his working time and effort to health tech, since he is intrigued with the possibilities of what the right health tech solutions can do for people, patients, staff, and the economy. Privately he keeps healthy by spending time on a bicycle. 
Valentin Bejan
  • Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Driving up the scaling and adoption of clever, responsible health tech. Known to have opinions.  Former Head of Innovation at Momentum Mental Healthcare (NL). Worked on prevention models and expanding care outside of the clinics.  As a top-tier management consultant, helped health and tech clients on four continents.  Other  interests: panda bears, laughing with wife and daughter, gaming, basketball - not necessarily in this order .
Martin Vesterby
  • Health Tech Adoption Partner
The doctor on the team has set his eyes on trying to diagnose the healthcare sector and find in what way it’s relevant to treat it with digital solutions. Not to apply solutions just because it’s doable but to work on what’s useable. He helps the sector adopt evidence-based solutions that bring value to patients, society, and the business behind.      
Anett Falussy
  • Head of Communications & Events
A tech ecosystem builder for 7+ years, Anett has previously worked with hardware, deep tech and fintech; on tech conferences, acceleration and global scaling. Thrives on creating meaningful connections, loves a well-written sentence and a well-executed event. She tends to break the ice with a bad joke or a science fiction quote - or a combination thereof. Anett is perpetually running out of bookshelf space, enjoys running and yoga, and wants to see more women in tech.
Jannik Zeuthen
  • Senior Partnership Manager
Jannik has a background in finance and management consulting in Deloitte, then changed scene (and suits) in 2015 to work with non-profits and NGOs, especially patient organizations. To get him enthusiastic, talk to him about cross-sector collaboration, patient needs, management tools (such as Scrum) and business intelligence dashboards. Outside work, he spends hours in camouflage doing nature photography, works on the board of Animal Protection Denmark (Dyrenes Beskyttelse), occasionally teaches at CBS and tries to launch an (entirely unsuccessful) e-sports career.
Line Rasmussen
  • Project Coordinator
With a broad background that extends from the Danish healthcare system as a nurse, to a pharmaceutical company, NGO, and social work in a Danish municipality, the ability to coordinate and collaborate across teams' are essential competencies, used to support the HTHC team and the health tech ecosystem. Mainly getting positive energy from seeing all the health tech solutions elevate today's healthcare and make everyday life better for both patients and healthcare professionals. Privately keeping a healthy mind with gardening and family fun.
Golda Fania
  • Community Manager
As a global health professional, Golda discovered her passion for innovation and tech while coordinating clinical research on the use of a mHealth app for midwives in Ghana. Having lived in several different countries, she embodies a global perspective and intercultural understanding that shapes all aspects of her life. Golda is known to be passionately curious and spends most of her time establishing relationships, and building communities of people with shared interests. She is a mental health enthusiast, and an advocate for diversity & inclusion in all spaces.
Felix Frahm
  • Business Analyst
After 5 years in management consulting at Deloitte in the UK and in the US, Felix decided to pursue a masters in Innovation in Health Care at Copenhagen Business School. He loves living in Copenhagen and is passionate about health tech. Felix has lived in 7 countries and feels that he has found his home in Denmark. He is always up for cake and a good conversation, so feel free to reach out!
Cecilia Price
  • Student Assistant
Cecilia (commonly known as CC) is curious about all things health. 2 years in England's National Health Service gave her a fascination for the complexity of health systems and, in particular, the need for and barriers to health tech adoption. As an analyst, she keeps an eye on the Danish health tech ecosystem by managing HTHC's database of start-ups. Alongside, she is studying for her Masters in Global Health at the University of Copenhagen and makes the most of living close to water – kayaking in Copenhagen’s canals and winter bathing.
Board of directors
Mette Dyhrberg
  • Chair of the Board
Henriette Søltoft
Jan Steenhard
André Rogaczewski
Thomas Krogh Jensen