Nice to meet you! We are a diverse team of health tech enthusiasts working to make adoption possible at scale.

Our team
Jesper Grønbæk
  • Founder & CEO
Jesper was trained as an economist and management consultant, then helped software companies grow & scale for a decade, before mortgaging his house and being a software entrepreneur  himself.  Six  years ago, Jesper devoted all his working time and effort to health tech, since he is intrigued with the possibilities of what the right health tech solutions can do for people, patients, staff, and the economy. Privately he keeps healthy by spending time on a bicycle. 
Anett Falussy
  • Head of Communications & Events
A tech ecosystem builder for 9+ years, Anett has previously worked with hardware, deep tech and fintech; on tech conferences, acceleration and global scaling. Thrives on creating meaningful connections, loves a well-written sentence and a well-executed event. She tends to break the ice with a bad joke or a science fiction quote - or a combination thereof. Anett is perpetually running out of bookshelf space, enjoys running and yoga, and works to enable more diversity in tech.
Jannik Zeuthen
  • Head of Policy & Partnerships
Jannik has a background in finance and management consulting in Deloitte, then changed scene (and suits) in 2015 to work with non-profits and NGOs, especially patient organizations. To get him enthusiastic, talk to him about cross-sector collaboration, patient needs, management tools (such as Scrum) and business intelligence dashboards. Outside work, he spends hours in camouflage doing nature photography, works on the board of Animal Protection Denmark (Dyrenes Beskyttelse), occasionally teaches at CBS and tries to launch an (entirely unsuccessful) e-sports career.
Line Rasmussen
  • Project Coordinator
With a broad background that extends from the Danish healthcare system as a nurse, to a pharmaceutical company, NGO, and social work in a Danish municipality, the ability to coordinate and collaborate across teams' are essential competencies, used to support the HTHC team and the health tech ecosystem. Mainly getting positive energy from seeing all the health tech solutions elevate today's healthcare and make everyday life better for both patients and healthcare professionals. Privately keeping a healthy mind with gardening and family fun.
Giulia Galimberti
  • Student Assistant
Giulia (also known as Lia) is currently working on analysing the Danish health tech ecosystem and maintaining the internal HTCH database. She has a background in Genetics from the UK and is currently studying Business Administration and Innovation in Healthcare at CBS. She recently moved to Copenhagen, and she is keen to explore the city, as well as the rest of Denmark. In her free time, you will find her curled up with a good book, baking elaborate (and often disastrous) desserts, and watching movies with friends.
Mafalda Camara
  • Health Tech Consultant
Mafalda is trained as a biomedical engineer and has an international experience across the academic, industrial, and clinical worlds. She has a PhD in computer simulation for surgical education, and work experience with driving innovation, specifically in healthcare. Currently, Mafalda works with finding and validating health tech solutions for public and private partners, that when adopted will help millions of patients. A people person, driven by curiosity and thriving on learning from others (and FOMO), traveling, and experiencing different cultures.
Sean Rehn
  • Health Tech Analyst
Sean has a background in working with pharmaceuticals and consulting, latest at IQVIA where he worked with analytical solutions to assist clients. He is thrilled to be on the forefront of a shift that seeks to transform the intersection of health and technology while also ensuring that it is more responsive, accessible, and equitable for all. Outside of work, you can find Sean reading about geopolitical events or in the kitchen where he enjoys cooking.
Martin Broch Pedersen
  • Business Development Director
Martin has a background in computer science and economics. His skillset comes from working globally with technology and digital solutions for healthcare, as well as working with startups and global corporations. Martin strongly believes that health tech will make a profound impact in the years ahead, but solutions must be user-friendly, evidence-based, and transparent. In his free time, Martin is a big fan of architecture and Copenhagen, and enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, or hiking. He recently fell in love with winter bathing.
Oded Yair Menuhin
  • Global Relationship Lead
Oded has a background in biotech and business from Denmark and Israel. Since 2016, he explored and has been into different stuff like MedTech, digital health, synthetic biology and diplomacy. He's worked in pharma at companies like Novo Nordisk and Abacus Medicine and startups, and is all about finding the right partner for the right startup at the right time. In his free time, he's all about sports, amateur portrait photography, doing his best in learning Danish with dauntless persistence, and cook as last resort.
Nicolas Bouchet
  • Investment Manager
Nicolas is a business economist of training and has dedicated his career to various commercial roles in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, both locally and internationally. Fuelled by a passion for innovation in healthcare, he made a strategic move into the health tech industry, where he most recently served as CEO of a startup. Believing in the value of time off, Nicolas cherishes moments with his family, maintains a commitment to fitness, and enjoys tackling hands-on projects, such as repairing things in his holiday cottage (with mixed success).
Line Knoop-Henriksen
  • Partnership Manager
Line brings a diverse background in communications, teaching, sales, and partnership development. Prior to joining HTHC, she dedicated herself to establishing partnerships with major corporations and organizations. Her efforts aimed to involve them in motivating school students to tackle both current and future sustainability challenges. As an enthusiastic community builder, Line consistently emphasizes active participation. Among the events she organizes are weekly free cardio classes for adults, and annual events for 100+ local children like a kids' run, carnival, Halloween, and more.
Board of directors
Mette Dyhrberg
  • Chair of the Board
Henriette Søltoft
Jan Steenhard
Thomas Krogh Jensen
Lisbeth Knudsen