We help our partners in their journey from analogue health to health tech. We embark on long term collaborations to make health tech their business before it disrupts their business.

What we offer:
Community outreach & events

We create events where you can engage with, inspire and get inspired by today’s entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s industry heads.
(New) business creation

We build commercially sustainable collaborations using our market intelligence platform & network in the Nordics.
Deal flow

Whether your company is looking for acquisitions, mergers or investments, our insights come with a qualitative edge.


  • 8 collaborations between HTHC and hubs, global organisations and international healthcare providers in key countries.
  • 25 collaborations between our member startups and corporations in all industries.
  • 4,800,000+ people served by our members startups.

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World-class autism treatment – everywhere

Hi Rasmus

Evidence based autism treatment requires highly skilled behavioural analysts and specialists. We remove the obstacles of distance while maintaining the human touch and professional traits of treatment.

Powering Health and Fitness Professionals


We empower the world’s most prominent health and fitness professionals by providing them with the platform and industry expertise to achieve limitless scalability, via a streamlined and sustainable online business.

The online alternative to traditional healthcare providers

More information coming soon.

We give people with chronic liver disease a chance to change course before it is too late.

Evido. health

Evido is a data-driven health tech company that enables timely detection of a hidden and potentially fatal chronic liver disease.

Merging doctor and machine through AI-augmented software solutions


At Melatech, our goal is to create efficient, data-driven, intuitive, and beautiful software solutions that improve patients’ treatment through optimized clinical workflows. We aim to create powerful synergistic effects between doctors and machines through a combination of domain knowledge, engineering, and design.

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  • Jannik Zeuthen
  • Head of Partnerships and Policy
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