Municipalities Praised for More Accessible and Flexible Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases

The winner of the 2024 Health Tech Implementation Award, The Hermit, has been announced. This year, the award goes to Aalborg and Høje-Taastrup Municipalities, in partnership with Liva Healthcare. Their successful collaboration has empowered citizens in preventing lifestyle diseases through a combination of digital tools and expert support.

At The Hermit award show, which took place at Copenhagen Health Tech Summit on May 7, 2024, Aalborg and Høje-Taastrup Municipalities, along with Liva Healthcare, were declared winners for their cooperation on the successful implementation of a digital health solution. An effort which, according to the Hermit jury, deserves praise as it has successfully brought the prevention of lifestyle diseases into the modern age.

"The implementation of the solution in the municipalities is remarkable and a model to follow. The combination of digital tools and expert support has ensured greater accessibility and flexibility for the citizens in terms of preventing lifestyle diseases," explains jury member Per Bennetsen.

The jury, which includes the chairwoman of the Danish Nurses' Organization, Dorthe Boe Danbjørg, and the CEO of Danish Patients, Morten Freil, also highlights that Aalborg and Høje-Taastrup Municipalities won because their implementation not only strengthened the citizens - it simultaneously reduced the burden on the health system and created a more attractive and flexible work environment.

Rethinking Prevention In both Aalborg and Høje-Taastrup Municipalities, there was a need to rethink the prevention efforts for the many Danes living with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and severe obesity. Both municipalities thus saw an opportunity through Liva Healthcare – a digital tool that combines professional support with flexibility through digital technology, personalized health programs, and app-based coaching. An alternative to traditional prevention counseling.

"We are proud to receive such a prestigious award - especially when we look at the strong field. The award underscores that we succeed with Liva, and we are well on our way with the implementation of digital solutions, which are in demand by the citizens," says Torben K. Kjeldgaard, Health and Prevention Chief in Aalborg Municipality.

Also in Høje-Taastrup Municipality, there is pride in the achievement: "I am extremely proud that we have won the Health Tech Implementation Award. With the Liva app, we succeed in using technology to offer both tailored and flexible individual health guidance," expresses Jeanette Ingemann, chairman of the Elderly and Health Committee in Høje-Taastrup Municipality.

Innovation for a More Inclusive Health Sector The preliminary results of Aalborg and Høje-Taastrup Municipalities' implementation of Liva Healthcare are tangible. Both municipalities have, among other things, experienced significantly higher weight loss among individuals with type 2 diabetes, where the average weight reduction is 8 times higher than what is achieved through usual methods. Moreover, there is high satisfaction among health personnel who have delivered the solution to the citizens, as it has enabled better contact with the hardest-to-reach individuals in the community.

Jeanette Ingemann calls it 'the future's flexible welfare' - and elaborates: "It's an offer that the citizen can easily fit into a busy schedule, where the citizen themselves control the pace. And it's a good offer for citizens who do not thrive in group teaching and similar offers. Moreover, this way we have the opportunity to help more citizens."

The implementation of Liva Healthcare in the municipalities has not only resulted in stronger access to health professional help. According to Lisa Bolting from Liva Healthcare, their platform has also shown that it benefits not only resource-strong citizens: "It is also to the advantage of the most vulnerable in our society, and that is the heart of our mission to create a more inclusive and just health sector for everyone."

A recent study shows that individuals with low educational levels experience greater effects of Liva Healthcare in the short term when looking at changes in diet and exercise. On the other hand, the study shows that individuals with high educational levels fare best in the long term. Therefore, it also makes sense that the interest in trying Liva Healthcare is greatest among those with the lowest educations and fewest resources.

"We are extremely proud to be nominated and especially to win the award. It is a huge pat on the back for the around 1,000 citizens who have received guidance through Liva. And not least a recognition of the employees' efforts with daily digital contact to the citizens, and who do their best to support them in their lifestyle changes," says Mads Borgstrøm-Hansen, Head of the Center for Health Promotion in Aalborg Municipality.

About The Hermit The Health Tech Implementation Award, The Hermit, is created by Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, a non-profit health tech cluster with the purpose of supporting the implementation and scaling of digital health solutions in Denmark. The prize recognizes the successful collaboration that bridges the gap between the healthcare system and health technology. Innovative solutions can have a significant impact if implemented correctly. The Hermit is a joint achievement - we celebrate the collaborations, but especially the healthcare personnel who take the chance and succeed in implementing new health technology. The analogy of the hermit crab (The Hermit) needing a suitable shell to live and grow symbolizes how health technology solutions find their footing in the public health system. This year's Health Tech Implementation Award was held on May 7, 2024, as part of the Copenhagen Health Tech Summit. This is the third time the award has been given.

The Jury of the Hermit consists of: