Danish Regions (headed by Capital Region of Denmark) adopted the solution Kræftværket provided by HealthBuddy ​ ​ ​

  • Winner of the award: Danish health care sector adopting Danish health tech
  • Project: Kræftværket, an app for young people with cancer.
  • The Need: Teenagers and young adults undergoing cancer treatment needed a solution to provide overview of their symptoms and activities, convenient access to medical information, and support through an online community with fellow cancer patients.
  • The Partnership: Dr. med. Helle Pappot from Rigshospitalet initiated the app's development. Developed through a cross-regional collaboration with Daman, Kræftværket has been tested with the participation of patients and clinicians from all five Danish regions. Kræftvæket will undergo a national rollout in 2024, giving young people with cancer all across Denmark access to the app!

The orthopedic surgery department in Aarhus University Hospital adopted the solution for VR pain distraction provided by SyncVR

  • Winner of the award: Danish healthcare adopting international developed health tech
  • Project: Changing Danish healthcare with VR platform​
  • The need: In the Department of Children's Orthopaedics at Aarhus University Hospital they needed a product that could help improve especially children's experience, as they could often be anxious and feel a lot of pain. This could result in a scheduling issue, due to the extra time needed to treat anxious children in pain. Line Kjeldgaard Pedersen helped implement the pain distraction VR solution from SyncVR, to help alleviate children's anxiety. With the help of the solution they were also able to reduce the amount of anaesthesia needed.

The Rheumatoligal department at the Medical University of Vienna adopted the solution RheumaBuddy to help their patients

  • Winner of the award: Danish health tech adopted internationally
  • Project: Empowerment for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • The need: Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune diseases that causes not only damage to your joints, but has several symptoms such as pain, fatigue etc. and with associated co-morbities such as depression and anxiety. About 1% of the population lives with RA. Despite good treatments, many patients still suffer in life due to the disease. Several studies have shown that self-management is effectful in improving HrQoL when living with RA.
  • The Partnership: At Vienna Hospital rheumatologist Daniel Aletaha worked on implementing the Reumabuddy solution from Daman to help the patients with disease understanding and lifestyle; how does disease impact life, how to adjust lifestyle so disease will be most calm, how to communicate to doctors how you are doing with RA, and the psychological impact when disease is flaring, such as feeling alone, not understood by relatives etc

Radiobotics x Bispebjerg Hospital

  • The award celebrates the implementation of Radiobotics at Bispebjerg of their AI automated system for detecting fractures, Osteoarthritis and Hip Dysplasia on X-rays.​

Enversion A/S x Regionshospitalet Horsens

  • The collaboration was about implementation of the product "+prio", which helps the health care staff prioritze especially vulnerable citizens as early as possible.

Khora Virtual Reality x Rigshospitalet Hovedstaden

  • The winner of the Back-End category from the 2021 awards was Khora and Rigshospitalet who won for their collaboration on implementing a pain distraction solution for kids
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