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The WHO clinical guidelines for Low Back Pain state that the optimal treatment is personalized to the patient's needs. Current solutions provide very sub-optimal “one solution fits all”, or (in best case) stratified treatment. Quality of treatment varies depending on a variety of factors, i.e. the health care professional, time allocated and waiting lists. No standard high quality treatment is available, for one of the biggest public health problems in the world. Health Care Professionals lack insights into the patients adherence and motivation between consultations. Likewise, patients experience recall bias when at consultation, potentially skewing the decision making from the Health Care Professional. Patients lack understanding and self-management tools to help themselves cope and get better. Between consultations, patients are alone and without guidance and help for the most part. 


SelfBack delivers a brand new AI-driven digital therapeutics solution with clinical evidence for patients with Low Back Pain (LBP). SelfBack was developed over the course of 5 years by a multidisciplinary team of world leading scientists in the musculoskeletal and work environmental field. The primary functionality of SelfBack is a ‘Decision Support System’, which helps citizens follow a personalized treatment plan based on exercises, (both strength and flexibility), educational elements and physical activity through the counting of steps taken during the day. Through the use of AI and data, the patient is continuously monitored between consultations, which ensures consistently high quality of the treatment for Low Back Pain. This data is shown to the Health Care Professionals through the Clinical Dashboard, empowering the decision making. The plans are fulfilling all the requirements of the National Clinical Guidelines. SelfBack is CE-certified under MDD as a Medical Device Class I.


SelfBack underwent a thorough and extensive test in a large scale RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial), in Denmark and Norway, back in 2019-2020. Multiple scientific articles have been published; i.e. a multimorbidity sub-group analysis that showed the same effect for patients with multimorbidity. SelfBack helps reduce maximum pain and average pain, as a supplemental digital medical device to usual treatment. The proven positive effect on patient Pain self-efficacy, Global Perceived Effect and Brief Illness Perception, helps the patient recover faster, due to a better outlook on their ailment. It’s very well documented self-management helps Low Back Pain patients with their ailment, and thus it’s a fundamental part of the optimal treatment pathway. SelfBack was build to encourage and empower self-management.

Business model:

Business Model: Digital Prescription Therapeutics (DTx) GP to C

Therapeutic Area: Non-specific Low Back pain

Maturity Stage: Commercially available, and CE certified, evidence backed.

Meet the team
  • Søren Kleberg
  • Founder & CEO
  • Rasmus Faddersbøl
  • Co-Founder & CTO
What our customers say:

'Virtual training during the Corona-pandemic showed it can do something important for the citizens' – Leader from a Danish Municipality

'Both Health Care Professionals and citizens report that the videos which show how to do the exercises and the training reminders in the app both are a great help' – Evaluation report from a Danish Municipality

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  • Søren Kleberg
  • Founder & CEO
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