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Hospitals, including radiology departments, are globally experiencing an urgent supply vs demand issue, with too few resources available to cope with the ever-growing number of medical images. 

One of the needs to handle is the inaccurate readings that leads to increased cost with inappropriate appointments and exams for both hospitals and patients. Also, the lack of experts available to read radiographs within preferred turnaround time. As well as the waiting time for patients and referring physicians are often too high. 


Radiobotics is ushering in a new AI-powered era in x-ray processing and reporting. We are on a mission to ensure every patient receives affordable, accessible, expert level diagnosis by building technology that augments and automates reading of x-ray images.

We have created a suite of products which can analyse x-rays of bones and joints (MSK) in a matter of seconds. Our products fit into 3 categories: Joint Analysis, Fracture Detection and Quality Control.

Once analysed, our AI-powered products present the radiologists with key insights directly in the existing hospital systems, leading to increased efficiency and thereby needing fewer radiologists to cover demand, fewer errors and oversights, and lower cost.


Our solutions are rigorously tested both internally and externally, having one of the World's best and largest datasets for msk trauma x-rays available, and by collaborating with top European University Hospitals.

RBfracture™, can reduce the number of missed hip fractures for Emergency Care staff by 47% and you can read more about it here, while RBknee reads knee radiographs at expert level, get to know more here.

Business model:
  • Business Model: Radiobotics provides SAMD solutions as a part of our SaaS offerings that we deliver primarily to medical centers (B2B) and through channel partners B2B2B
  • (Therapeutic) Areas: Fractures and OA (MSK) extending over Radiology, Trauma, and Orthopaedics
  • Maturity Stage: Available in the market and generating revenue
Meet the team
  • Mads Jarner Brevadt
  • CEO & Co-founder
  • Pavel Lisouski
  • CTO & Co-founder
What our customers say:

“We are thrilled with the performance of RBknee™, we get results in a matter of seconds which can be really useful to help us standardise our osteoarthritis reporting.” - Janus Damm Nybing ‍Chief Research Technician Bispebjerg & Frederiksberg Hospital

“Seeing the amount of errors that can be picked up by such a tool shows me that we urgently need this product” - Glenn Garcia ‍Assoc. Professor (N-T Track Clinical) University of Texas Medical Branch

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  • Christian Lindharth
  • Business Development Manager
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