Our mission is to alleviate the pressure on care staff around the world


Hospitals worldwide are projected to be understaffed by 6M nurses in 2030 (WHO). 

Staff burnout: 63% of nurses report being burned out.

Lower quality of care & fatal errors: Each additional patient per nurse is associated with drastic increase in death and readmission.

Lower patient satisfaction: Patient satisfaction is closely tied to personal care.


Automating observation- and documentations tasks

Teton.ai creates direct staff savings while ensuring better clinical insights and a better work environment for staff. This works via contactless monitoring by a camera and embedded computer, running Deep Learning algorithms to extract information.


Reduce unnecessary work: Reduce night staff by 25% in care homes

Higher capacity: Enable care staff to complete all nightly tasks

Avoid unintended events: Reduce falls by 40%

Business model:
  • Business Model: B2G
  • (Therapeutic) Area: Primarily neurological and geriatric wards, and dementia care homes
  • Maturity Stage: Scale-up phase with a working product and evidence pending through current and future customers
Meet the team
  • Mikkel Wad Thorsen
  • CEO
  • Esben Klint Thorius
  • CTO
What our customers say:
  • “I feel I have a better overview of what the patients have actually been up to during the night. It gives a sense of calm" - Nina, geriatric ward
  • “We’ve been really satisfied with how easy it is to use the system.” - Lise, ward nurse
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