Artificial intelligence to empower patient engagement


The public safety industry is facing unprecedented challenges around staffing, quality, training and burnout. Public Safety is facing an operational crisis, not being able to retain and recruit qualified personnel and maintain high levels of operational quality. This negatively impacts 911 call quality, call-deployment and resource utilization.  And ultimately it negatively impacts the quality of care, medical assistance and citizens health.


Corti is able to listen to the dialogue between the 911 caller and call-taker and capture, analyze and provide feedback on all relevant details of the call. Corti provides feedback in real-time on all critical elements of the 911 call, that the call taker should be aware of. Corti is able to analyze all calls and perform automatic quality assurance and suggest areas of quality improvement, positively impact call-taker training liability and reduce possible areas of liability. 


In 2019, SOS Alarm begun working with Corti to optimize nurses and protocols whilst driving patient excellence. With Corti's AI QI System in place, we were able to analyze the audio and metadata of 9,000,000 historic calls in 15 minutes, diagnosing weaknesses in both protocols and call-takers with high precision. With human review taking approximately 35 minutes for every consultation, this analysis would have taken a team of 10 analysts over 250 years. SOS Alarm were ready to roll out Corti's protocol navigation tool across all 800-call takers supporting 100 million patients. Within 6 months, call-time had been reduced by 35% alongside increased accuracy and higher nurse satisfaction. Today we have worked with SOS Alarm to reduce average call duration by over 45%. 


Business model:
  • Business Model: B2B, SaaS
  • (Therapeutic) Area: N/A
  • Maturity Stage: Production-ready
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  • Sebastian Slej
  • Head of Partnerships
  • Mirel Stelian
  • Director of Quality and governance
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  • Corti’s technology will help our employees make faster and more accurate decisions in the most complex situations. The collaboration between SOS Alarm and Corti marks the starting point of a crucial change in technology that introduces the next generation of emergency call taking” Maria Khorsand, CEO, SOS Alarm
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  • Sebastian Slej
  • Head of Partnerships
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