Liva Healthcare

Scalable and personal health programmes for lifestyle and chronic disease management.


The prevalence of lifestyle-related chronic diseases is increasing and there is a strong societal and patient need for accessible, personal lifestyle interventions that can help prevent and manage these conditions. Health-positive lifestyle change is hard to achieve and sustain, patients lack the health capital to drive lifestyle change, and motivational support for realizing lifestyle change is inaccessible and impersonal.


Scalable and personal health programmes for lifestyle and chronic disease management, through app-based coaching interventions.

A user journey in the Liva programme starts with an easy online booking of a personal health coach. A 45-minutes live video consultation is used to build personalised lifestyle plan and to provide introduction to pharmacotherapy and/or medical device protocol. Digital coaching is available weekly for the first 6 month, hereafter bi-weekly, and group coaching and support is also available.


Liva’s intervention model yields sustainable health outcomes. It is shown, that 85% of users with prediabetes reduce their HbA1c levels in 6 months. After 12 months, 44% of users with T2 diabetes have achieved control. The average user weight loss after nine months is at 6.8kg. Our patient retention is 83% after 6 months, 66% after 12 months.

Business model:

Business Model: B2B2C.

Therapeutic Area: (Pre-)Diabetes, Obesity, CVD.

Maturity Stage: Scaling.

Meet the team
  • Kristoffer From
  • Co-Founder
  • Rune Bech
  • Co-founder & Chairman
  • Carl Brandt
  • Co-founder and Medical Director
What our customers say:

'My lifestyle has changed dramatically since I joined the Liva Healthcare Programme. I’ve reduced my blood sugar from 43-38 and had a weight loss of 9.5 kg. I’m eating a lot less sugar, a lot more fruits and vegetables and my wife is participating.' - William Bachop, pre-diabetic and Liva user

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  • Jonas Hjortshøj
  • COO
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