KHORA is engaged in projects within multiple industries, and produces VR and AR through collaborations with companies. Some of the most profound needs we help provide a solution for is listed here:


Sub-Need 1: 1/3 of people suffering from schizophrenia is treatment resistant and cannot be helped through medication.

Sub-Need 2: Social anxiety, difficulty with integration, learning how to grasp challenging job-related situations, reducing resource demanding internships in companies by giving them a better understanding of the work beforehand.

Sub-Need 3: Most kids find needle procedures scary and painful, which causes them to become restless and move around during needle procedures, which complicates the procedure.



KHORA offers a broad range of solutions, each specialized to accommodate the needs within the individual projects.

Solution for need 1: Heka VR – Novel therapy to aid treatment resistant patients suffering from schizophrenia, auditory hallucinations, specifically hearing malevolent voices.

Solution for need 2: Khora Exposure – An interactive and adjustable platform used in municipalities, regions and private psychologists as a tool within areas such as rehabilitation, exposure therapy, education, employment and integration.

Solution for need 3: Comfort XR – A special designed game to activate centers in the brain of kids receiving needle procedures, to distract them from the pain and keep them still.


Evidence 1: Heka VR, former known as the challenge project started a pilot trial in 2020, with 266 participants.

Evidence 2: Research Projects has been conducted on Khora Exposure, focusing on its use within social anxiety.

Evidence 3: Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark, released an article on Comfort XR, and their use of the VR experience during needle procedures at the Pediatric Pain Knowledge Center.

Business model:
  • Business Model: B2B
  • (Therapeutic) Area: Education, Healthcare, IT & Software, Travel & Tourism, Sales & Marketing, Media & Entertainment.
  • Maturity Stage: Matured
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  • Simon Lajboschitz
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