We empower the world’s most prominent health and fitness professionals by providing them with the platform and industry expertise to achieve limitless scalability, via a streamlined and sustainable online business.


Every single day, more than 50.000 people die of reasons caused by poor lifestyle choices. Thousands of apps are being downloaded in millions with guidelines and plans for how to live a healthier life. The curve of obesity is still sloping upwards and according to research the reason is that most of these apps are lacking very vital elements. It’s crucial that the game-plan for changing a lifestyle is individualised and ensure adherence and sustainable motivation and habit changes in order to be successful.


Lenus has created an all-in-one platform to remove many of the time consuming hand held tasks that limit the coach in helping even more clients. On top of that Lenus provide in house advise and guidelines in how to grow their online business, ensuring a sustainable and scalable business model. This means that the coach can spend much more time focusing on their clients journey towards happier and healthier lives.


74% of clients on the Lenus platform has maintained a weight loss, 12 months after ended period. Lenus has proven to close the gap between supply and demand by enabling up to 100 times the capacity of coaches and still maintain an industry golden standard of client experiences with effective and sustainable results.

Business model:

Business Model: B2B2C.

Therapeutic Area: health and fitness professionals.

Maturity Stage: scale-up.

Meet the team
  • Bertram Thorslund
  • Co-Founder and CEO
  • Christian Høeg
  • Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist Officer
  • Mikkel Bønnelycke
  • CFO
What our customers say:

'The Lenus product, team included, are unrivalled within the industry and have transformed my coaching business. They make everything manageable in terms of client set up and planning whilst still allowing me to create 100% bespoke and high quality products for clients.' - Martyn Ford

'When Lenus was first introduced to me, I was hesitant... But if I had known then that a year later that I would grow to become Sweden’s top coach... I would not have hesitated for a second! Instead i would had jumped on it right away!' - Amanda Larsson

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  • Sebastian Colsted
  • VP Europe
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