Our vision is to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes and make the best diabetes management tools available.


Hedia Diabetes Assistant, a tailored solution aiming to answer the needs of people with diabetes. Our company's software is a digital diabetes assistant that aims to help people living with diabetes (MDI-regimen) better manage their disease. ​MDI market represents a serious problem as 75% of all people with Type 1 Diabetes are not meeting their glycemic targets and 20% are in very poorly glycemic control, which drastically increases the risks and comorbidities related to diabetes. These numbers translate to about 110 million MDI patients globally, who need a solution that feeds seamlessly into their lives and offers ease of mind while improving their health.​


Hedia is a digital therapeutic company, with a product (SaMDclass IIb in EU) for insulin requiring diabetes patients.Hedia’s app solution generates insulin recommendations, based on the users' habits and personalized input.The app takes all aspects of diabetes management into account such as: recording blood glucose readings, keeping track of active insulin, measuring carbs, calculating an insulin dosage, keeping track of activity and recording blood ketones.Hedia is striving to improve patient’s health and reduce long-term effects of the disease, which we believe in the end then will reduce costs incurred by the healthcare payer.


Evidence 1:First of all, the features within the app are built on research that already exists. 

Evidence 2: Furthermore, because our product is CE-marked as class IIB, it is both a part of our mindset as a company and an actual requirement to be able to document the safety and performance of our product at all times. 

Evidence 3: We also have our retrospective study which showed us that:

  • Poorly regulated users of HDA experience significant improvements after 12 weeks of using the app. 
  • A decrease of 0.78 % of estimated A1C was detected in the group of more poorly controlled users 
  • And the users increased their estimated time-in-range with 12,35 -points% over the 12 weeks 
Business model:

Business Model: B2B, B2G & GPs to C

(Therapeutic) Area: Diabetes management

Maturity Stage: Product on the Market (early traction)

Meet the team
  • Valentin Lubbe​
  • COO
  • Benjamin Suhr
  • CCO
What our customers say:

“Type 1 diabetes can be very unpredictable and that’s why I use HDA multiple times a day. The few times I have not followed HDA’s advice I have actually ended up not taking the dosage I should have taken. Ultimately, the app makes me feel safe every day and I value that a lot. “ Woman, 68 years old 

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