Our mission is to help provide better mental health to more people at lower costs by providing an evidence-based digital health solution.


Unaddressed mental health issues are now a leading global cause of disability and suffering. Yet only 10% receive "adequate" treatment - 75% receive no treatment at all. The limited global availability of effective mental health treatments and lack of objective measures of response to treatment are some of the barriers to advancing patient outcomes. Clinicians need scalable solutions enabling them to reach more patient with less resources. Patients need more access to self-help between consultations to drive positive change and build mental resilience. Clinicians need continuous, objectively observable, and measurable data of patients’ daily mental health functioning and behaviour.


Monsenso offers a digital health solution enabling clinicians to monitor their patients remotely while providing remote treatment. The Monsenso solution consists of a patient app that collects self-reported data on outcome, adherence, as well as sensor data on behaviour. The clinicians are provided with a detailed overview of patients' daily progress, allowing them to personalize treatment, provide remote care and early intervention.


Monsenso is an innovation leader, solidly founded on research in digital health technology for mental health. 70+ published peer-reviewed papers, 20+ research projects and engagements, 10.000+ users and approx. 80% patient adherence, 208 patient engagement days on average.

Business model:

Business Model: B2B.

Therapeutic Area: Neuropsychiatric diseases.

Maturity Stage: Growth stage. Currently in 15 different countries and used by 10.000+ users internationally.

Meet the team
  • Thomas Lethenborg
  • CEO
  • Nanna Iversen
  • COO
  • Morten Høgholm Pedersen
  • CTO
  • Mads Frost
  • Co-founder and DPO
  • Jakob E. Bardram
  • Co-founder and Vice chairman
What our customers say:

'Monsenso is very helpful. It provides me with an overview of my triggers.' - Individual with Depression, UK

'Monsenso provides me with more insight and supports a much faster intervention' -  Psychiatrist

Let's work together
  • Emil Meyland Kortsen
  • Implementation & Support Consultant
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