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Research shows that many patients find it difficult to process the complex information they receive. This exposes a need to communicate to allow vital health information to be understood across literacy levels. There are three core needs that need to be addressed: more than 50 % of patients have difficulties understanding written health information, a qualitive leap and a reduced use of resources, reducing the need for in-person meetings.


Visikon specialises in providing end-to-end digital health communication. By combining technology with clinical knowledge and animated narratives, we are able to help healthcare professionals educate patients and healthcare consumers in new ways.


Our solutions are based on research that supports the use of visual communication in improving health education and countering issues of health literacy. Research supports the use of visual formats and animations to improve patients' ability to understand, process and act on health information. This implies a qualitative leap for the patient and a reduces use of resources in the primary sector and at the individual ward. Experienced a decrease in surgery cancellations and a reduction in the number of days that patients spend at the hospital.

Business model:
  • Business Model: B2G, B2B
  • Maturity Stage: My Treatment™ currently services more than 37 departments at standard hospitals - and several medical treatments. 
Meet the team
  • Søren Boutrup
  • Director of Global Sales
What our customers say:
  • In terms of return on investment; The effects more than cover the costs. My Treatment® releases both resources in the outpatient clinic and the hospitalization - for both nurses and doctors.”
    - Senior Nurse, Department of Urology
  • "For the first time, I understand what ablation means."
    - Patient who had to go through an ablation four times - but the first time with support from My Treatment®
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  • Anders Nejsum
  • CEO
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