There is a need for a digital health and wellness solution committed to innovating  remote care, diagnostics and management for chronic respiratory conditions. With a range of cutting-edge tech solutions tailored to both patients and doctors, Briota seek to simplify the treatment and monitoring of conditions like Asthma and COPD, by making them accessible and affordable to all. 


Our AI first approach aims to simplify the diagnostics and lifecycle management of Chronic Respiratory Ailments in a post Covid-19 world. The platform helps in improving adherence to Holistic Action Plan - Medicine, Exercise, Diet, Emotional Health through mobile app, connected devices and 1:1 personalized coaching. Our intuitive solutions arm patients and caregivers around the world with accurate real-time data right at home, allowing more informed decisions, sharper analysis and better adherence to medication schedules.


SiA® has shown to improve adherence by 27% and reduce healthcare utilization costs by 48%. 

Evidence 1: Successful user studies and Clinical Trials in India are published - SiA® has helped over 40 Thousand Patients

Evidence 2: Pharma company sponsored clinical trial is work in progress with Aarhus University Hospital

Evidence 3: Danish Life Science Cluster is funding SiA® platform platform for COPD patients managed by GPs

Business model:
  • Business Model: Subscription Service and Transaction Fees
  • (Therapeutic) Area: Lung Health
  • Maturity Stage: Early Revenue
Meet the team
  • Gajanan Sakhare
  • Founder
  • Shardul Joshi
  • Co-Founder
  • Aditi Samudra Pais
  • CEO
What our customers say:

Briota’s innovative technology solutions with focus on personalised treatment could be a game changer for improving patient’s HRQoL.

Mr. Manoj Saxena,  MD,  Bayer Pharmaceuticals India

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