Poor Adherence and Insufficient Monitoring is an unsolved challenge for chronic respiratory patients - Asthma, COPD, ILD, Long Covid

Sub-Need 1: Adherence Improvement

Sub-Need 2: Inhaler Technique Correction

Sub-Need 3: Positive Habit Information


SiA® Systematic Intervention Agent is AI first platform helping patients improve Adherence to Holistic Action Plan - Medicine, Exercise, Diet, Emotional Health through mobile app, connected devices and 1:1 personalized coaching


SiA® has shown to improve adherence by 27% and reduce healthcare utilization costs by 48%

Evidence 1: Successful user studies and Clinical Trials in India are published - SiA® has helped over 40 Thousand Patients

Evidence 2: Pharma company sponsored clinical trial is work in progress with Aarhus University Hospital

Evidence 3: Danish Life Science Cluster is funding SiA® platform platform for COPD patients managed by GPs

Business model:
  • Business Model: Subscription Service and Transaction Fees
  • (Therapeutic) Area: Lung Health
  • Maturity Stage: Early Revenue
Meet the team
  • Gajanan Sakhare
  • Founder
  • Shardul Joshi
  • Co-Founder
  • Aditi Samudra Pais
  • CEO
What our customers say:

Briota’s innovative technology solutions with focus on personalised treatment could be a game changer for improving patient’s HRQoL.

Mr. Manoj Saxena,  MD,  Bayer Pharmaceuticals India

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