BrainCapture is a Danish startup developing an affordable, smartphone-connected EEG device that enables neurological diagnostics-as-a-service aimed at the 4+ billion people who lack consistent and affordable access to neurological care. The company is founded on the belief that AI can - and should - be used to enable affordable healthcare for all.

Epilepsy is the world’s most common brain disease according to the WHO, affecting +50M people globally. 80% of people with epilepsy live in low and middle-income countries and 75% of these people do not receive treatment.


In High Income Countries epilepsy is diagnosed with an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine, which are common. A neurologist interprets the results and makes a diagnosis. A seizure medication is prescribed, and most patients live seizure free.

In Low and Middle-Income countries EEG machines are expensive to buy ($15k min), difficult to operate, and are rare. Neurologists are rare (some nations just 1 per 5 million + people). Medicine is cheap and accessible, while Diagnosis is lacking.


BrainCapture's solution consists of: 

- An affordable, Bluetooth enabled amplifier and electrode cap.

- An app for data collection and upload to cloud.

- A Quality Control (QC) algorithm to enable clean data collection by non-expert workers.

- Telemedicine via app/cloud enabling remote diagnosis by neurologist.

- A Diagnostic support algorithm that reduces time to diagnosis.

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  • Tue Lehn-Schiøler
  • CEO
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  • Tue Lehn-Schiøler
  • CEO
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