Line Systems

Empowering healthcare providers and individuals with diabetes through comprehensive data visualisation and management solutions.


There is a need for a system to view diabetes related patient data in a clinical workflow context in one platform and allow for home monitoring use cases – independently from enclosed commercial ecosystems and with a well-defined ownership model of the patients’ data compliant with EU regulation of data privacy.


Line Systems offers a comprehensive platform for collecting and visualising diabetes related data for people living with diabetes and their care providers.


Clinical Evaluation work conducted in accordance with MDR. Clinical trial (DiaTRUST T2D) under way where our system serves as data-foundation and telemonitoring solution.

Business model:

Business Model: Fixed fee software license per installation.

Therapeutic Area: Disease management; Remote care; Healthy behaviour and wellness

Maturity Stage: MDR Class 1 medical device. Working on MDR class 2 features.

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