At Melatech, our goal is to create efficient, data-driven, intuitive, and beautiful software solutions that improve patients’ treatment through optimized clinical workflows. We aim to create powerful synergistic effects between doctors and machines through a combination of domain knowledge, engineering, and design.


All patients starts with their general practitioner. If they get a referral - the patient must go home and do a re-visit – often far away and with many months of waiting time. It is costly and, in some cases, deadly.


Starting with dermatology* which is 20% of all visits to GPs, we move 90% of all physical doctors’ referrals to online diagnosis. Going from months of waiting to hours. Cutting costs with more than 50%.


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Business Model: Subscription

Therapeutic area: Diagnostics & Diagnostics Support

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Science collaborator's statement: "Bringing together large-scale image data with the science of learning is a crucial next step for medical education in the next decades to come. The way we have trained and taught students and health care professional until now has been based on a 'one size fits all' approach, and not based on the learning needs of individuals. This is where the use of AI and the work Melatech is doing may help broaden our understanding of how to provide high-value low-cost education for the generation to come." Martin G. Tolsgaard, MD, PhD, DrMedSci and Associate Professor of Medical Education

Science collaborator's statement: "Diagnosing malignant from benign skin lesions can be very challenging, especially regarding pigmented skin lesions. These lesions are readily accessible to photography and it is reasonable to use artificial intelligence algorithms to categorize them. I am excited to be a part of the scientific team testing Melatech's products and I hope the personalized feed-back of DermLoop and the diagnostic aid offered by artificial intelligence can enhance the diagnostic accuracy of doctors working with skin cancer. This would ultimately lead to better outcomes for our patients." Tine Vestergaard, MD and Associate Professor of Dermatology

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