Eliminating medicine errors and uncertainty through a digital pharmacy platform.


The healthcare sector needs to be better integrated and services easily accessible to patients. The online pharmacy is perfectly positioned to support patients as part of their regular search for professional and personalized advice, preventive care and medicine.​ There is a need for equal access to highest level knowledge and access to medicine, facilitated by national medicine delivery service and team of pharmacists. Patients need digitally supported follow-up in between other interactions with healthcare system (reminders, renewals, advisory), and anonymous and discrete access to discuss and find relevant products for personal issues. 


A digital pharmacy platform enabling integration between all relevant healthcare services, including all nationally available medicine inventory, electronic prescriptions, national, regional and local reimbursement systems, private insurance reimbursement and relevant digital apps and services relevant for customers/patients. The platform includes a digitally supported medication review engine, including personalized advisory letters, and a second-to none last-mile distribution service completing an efficient end-to end pharmacy as a service.


We have had over 1mio customers in DK and are the largest pharmacy in Denmark, and have partnerships with ALK, Novo and other leading pharma companies.

Business model:

Business Model: B2C

Therapeutic Area: All  

Maturity Stage: Scale-up – possible internationalization

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  • Martin Glesner
  • Founder & CEO
What our customers say:

'My colleague is experiencing fantastic service from you, and finds it very impressive that he can order medicine for his chronically ill son with same-day delivery. Your are making their lives so much easier...'

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  • Martin Glesner
  • CEO
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