Celebrating the unsung heroes of health tech adoption.

The Adoption Awards (also called The Hermit) celebrates the people taking a chance. Those bridging the gap between healthcare and health tech, enabling better, smarter, more digital health. The Hermit is a joint acknowledgement, awarded to the driving forces behind the successful collaborations. But why did we name it 'The Hermit'? The hermit crab has adapted to occupy empty scavenged shells to protect their fragile exoskeletons. When the hermit crab adopts the empty shell, it both stays protected from predators and keeps the shell moving forward. They are thus co-dependent to stay alive and relevant. We see the health tech startups as the hermit crab: Moving forward but dependant on the shell to stay alive. The shell itself represents the adopters within healthcare. It is these mutually beneficial and crucial partnerships that we celebrate with the Adoption Awards - The Hermit.
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Nominations run until 8th Mach 2023.
The Categories
  • National adoption award (Danish health tech adopted in Denmark)
  • International adoption award A (Danish health tech adopted outside of Denmark)
  • International adoption award B (International health tech adopted in Denmark) 
Meet the Jury:
Dorthe Boe Danbjørg
Vice President
Danish Nurses Organisation

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg is a nurse and holds a PhD in health science. She is vice president of The Danish Nurses Organisation. Dorthe has been working with innovation and technology in healthcare for the last decade. She is the author of a new book on technology in nursing.

Camilla Noelle Rathcke
Danish Medical Association

Camilla divides her working time between her duties as chairman of the Medical Association and clinical work with patients who suffer from hormonal diseases. She has a strong commitment to ensuring that digitization, which is inevitable in a modern healthcare system, takes place in the best possible way for patients and healthcare professionals. Camilla has, among other things, been a member of the Siri Commission, which focused on the societal implications of AI.

Maria Damborg Hald
Public Sector Lead
Microsoft Denmark

Maria Damborg Hald is Public Sector Lead in Microsoft Denmark, where she leads the work with the continued development and digitization of the public sector in Denmark. She started at Microsoft Denmark in 2020 and came from a role as Deputy Director General at Agency for Public Finance and Management - Ministry of Finance. She has a deep experience and knowledge of digitization in the public sector, and in her previous public sector senior management roles she has, among other things, lead a number of large cross government IT transformation programs.

Valentin Bejan
Scaling & adoption advisor
investor & health tech expert

Advising on digital health implementation & scaling. Co-founder of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen where he drove the adoption of clever, responsible health tech. Former Head of Innovation at Momentum Mental Healthcare. Worked on prevention models and expanding care outside of the clinics.  As a top-tier management consultant, helped health and tech clients on four continents.

Jesper Algren
Head of Center for
Innovation in Aarhus

Jesper is leading the cross organizational innovation in the City of Aarhus. He focuses on heightening the innovation capacity within the organization, to foster new solutions and business models that can help solve the large societal challenges. Jesper holds a Master in Information Technology and an executive education from Harvard Business School, focused on tech entrepreneurship, Business development and strategy.

Category: Frontline
Radiobotics x Bispebjerg Hospital
Category: Cross-Sector
Enversion A/S x Regionshospitalet Horsens
Category: Back-End
Khora Virtual Reality x Rigshospitalet Hovedstaden
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Health Tech Hub Copenhagen is the birthplace of the Health Tech Adoption Awards. This impactful annual award highlights the crucial partnerships needed for health tech adoption. We bring the hidden adoption heroes into the spotlight. The bold, the perseverant, those making health tech work on the floors of the healthcare system. The people willing to enable health innovation through adoption of health tech solutions.
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Tell us about a health tech adoption success
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