Young Cancer Patients Across the Country Helped By New App

Less loneliness. Better understanding of their disease. From 2024, all five Danish Regions will implement a digital solution that helps young cancer patients. The idea for the app originated from young cancer patients in the Capital Region who wanted a virtual community where they could be 'normal' and not just 'cancer patients'.

  • Press release by Danish Regions and Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

Teenagers and young adults undergoing cancer treatment at hospitals can benefit from a new app named 'Kræftværket'. The app offers users an overview of their symptoms and activities, convenient access to medical information, and support through an online community with fellow cancer patients.

Danish Regions: Easing the Burden on Patients and the System

"I hope that many young people undergoing cancer treatment in hospitals will benefit from the digital solution provided by the regions. The social community with others facing similar situations can alleviate the loneliness experienced by many younger cancer patients. In addition to helping the patients, hopefully, the digital offering can lead to fewer hospital interactions and relieve our strained healthcare system." says Lars Gaardhøj, chairman of the Danish Regions' working group on digitization and data sharing.

Rigshospitalet: Enhancing Quality of Life

Professor, senior consultant, Dr. med. Helle Pappot from Rigshospitalet initiated the app's development. The app has been tested with the participation of patients and clinicians from all five Danish regions. She is delighted that Danish Regions will expand the digital tool nationwide:

"The app has proven to be a valuable tool for gaining an overview of and managing one's illness, benefiting both the healthcare system and the patients. Our research shows that young people find the app supportive and meaningful, and its use positively impacts their quality of life."

Daman: Advocating for Broader Adoption of Health Solutions

The app was developed through a cross-regional collaboration with the company Daman, specializing in developing digital health solutions in collaboration with doctors and patients. Young patients emphasize feeling safer in the cancer app's digital community than on other social media. Andreas Dam, CEO of Daman, finds it very positive that the regions will expand health technology to young cancer patients:

"We are pleased that the app is now becoming a permanent offering in the Danish healthcare system - benefiting healthcare professionals and young people living with cancer. The app for young cancer patients is evidence of the value of co-creation combined with innovative technology. It is my hope that more innovative digital health solutions can be spread nationally."

Health Tech Hub Copenhagen: National Rollout Benefits the Economy

Founder & CEO of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, Jesper Grønbæk, is pleased that the regions are rolling out the app nationally:

"It is historic that a niche app supporting young cancer patients becomes available to patients nationwide. It is important for both patients, employees, and taxpayers to ensure that the gains from good innovation developed in one region also benefit other regions. Moreover, the development of high-quality health technology can have an impact on Denmark's economy when we understand how to reap the benefits of national dissemination. If a solution - like this cancer app for young people - is to be sold in, for example, Germany, it makes a big difference whether it is only in use at a single hospital or has been rolled out nationwide in Denmark. Here, I see great potential."

In May of this year, the app received Health Tech Hub Copenhagen's "Hermit Award," given for successful implementations of health technology in the Danish healthcare system.

Facts about the Rollout and the App

Danish Regions' Innovation Board has decided to implement the solution in hospitals in all five regions. Formally, it is the Capital Region that is responsible for the rollout. "Kræftværket - app for young people with cancer" is developed by health tech company Daman and scientifically tested in a national collaboration with the participation of patients and clinicians in all five regions (Rigshospitalet, Zealand University Hospital, Odense University Hospital, Aarhus University Hospital, and Aalborg University Hospital).

The app is targeted at young people undergoing cancer treatment between the ages of 15-39. It was initially tested in the hematology, oncology, and pediatric oncology departments at Rigshospitalet by cancer patients in treatment and follow-up after treatment. The app is built on Daman's 'Healthbuddy platform': a digital health technology that enables increased mastery in life with illness.

The solution has already been used by a number of patients through youth coordinators from across Denmark in collaboration with YoungCancer under the Danish Cancer Society. The solution is the first digital health solution of its kind in Europe targeting young cancer patients to be implemented nationally in the healthcare system and has garnered significant attention at international scientific conferences.

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