Partnership Announcement

Health Tech Hub Copenhagen (HTHC) is proud to announce a new joint partnership with Copenhagen Fintech (CPHFT) and Tryg to enable scaling of innovation and ensure better access to the best, most mature digital health solutions for citizens. The aim of the partnership is to better bind the ecosystems of insurance, fintech and health tech together for supporting the development and adoption of digital solutions for better health and wellbeing.

Copenhagen Fintech’s existing partnership with Tryg has laid the groundworks for further innovative collaboration. According to Chief Innovation Officer Simon Schou: ‘The correlation between good health and financial wellness is significant, as an improved physical and mental health, leads to better - financial security and overall quality of life. That’s why we have taken our long-term partnership with Tryg to the next step, bridging a multilateral partnership along Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, to boost innovation in global health tech with modern insurance products. With the potential of democratising health - and its linked ability to create wealth.’

Health Tech Hub Copenhagen are excited to join as new partner and to work on enabling more collaboration between health tech and insurance. HTHC’s Founder and CEO Jesper Grønbæk: ‘We are excited to work with the biggest private insurance provider in the Nordics, to bring the best health tech solutions to the large customer base of Tryg, Expectations for health insurance and for health services are increasing.​ Health tech startups can deliver innovative evidence-based solutions and can help make a large impact for consumers and businesses. We are looking forward to this partnership with Tryg and Copenhagen Fintech.’

"The development within health technology is moving very fast these days and we are observing an increasing number of exciting and innovative solutions out there. That is why we are very excited about this partnership with Health Tech Hub Copenhagen and Copenhagen Fintech. With their unique expertise within their respective fields, we are confident that we can identify those exact health tech solutions that can help create even more value for our customers going forward," says Adam Petersen, Vice President for Nordic Innovation at Tryg.

About the partners
  • Health Tech Hub Copenhagen is a purpose driven innovation hub working with startups, businesses and governments to make adoption of health tech possible — at scale.
  • Copenhagen Fintech is a non-profit, award-winning innovation hub founded in 2016 in Denmark, with the mission to foster innovation within the financial sector, by building a thriving fintech ecosystem
  • Tryg is the largest non-life insurer in Scandinavia, with a top 4 market position across Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Each day Tryg's more than 7,000 employees create security and value for around 5.3 million customers. Tryg offers a wide range of insurances for the private, commercial and corporate markets. Tryg aims to help its customers to feel protected and cared for through its products and services. 

For more information on the partnership, reach out to:
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen: Anett Falussy
Copenhagen Fintech: Simon Schou
Tryg: Susanne Lindhage