OSAIA Health

OSAIAs vision is to offer Osteoporosis Support and AI for All to optimize diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis is a chronic bone disease estimated to affect 500 million people worldwide. Due to fragile bones a fracture occurs every third second. Fractures can be prevented but adherence is low. Patients experience as left in limbo when they are diagnosed with osteoporosis and need support to better manage their disease in their daily life. Compliance to pharmacological treatment is less than 50% and patients are worried about side effects. Also, osteoporosis treatment needs to be more targeted and tailored to patients needs and their level of disease to optimize the prevention of fractures, hospitalization and disabilities.


OSAIAs  solution consists of:

OSAIA app (in Danish “Mine Knogler”). The app is freely available and is offered to the patients when they are diagnosed with osteoporosis. The app is a part of the national clinical guidelines within osteoporosis. Advisory Service “OSAIA Care” based on a screening in the app we identify the individual needs and match the patient with a certified healthcare professional who supports the patient in self-management of the disease online. We develop and test multi-faceted algorithms and use machine learning to scale the platform. And educational Service “OSAIA Academy” where we educate and certify healthcare professionals in osteoporosis management prior to being matched with patients.


The idea started during co-founder Pernille Ravn Jakobsens PhD project at Odense University Hospital. Through a participatory design process, she developed and tested the first version of the app. 

Evidence 1: Patients experience help at hand when being provided with our app when diagnosed with osteoporosis: //pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30397471/

Evidence 2: Digital health solutions can optimize osteoporosis treatment: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9073608/

Evidence 3: Pilot test of our app in collaboration with the National Board of Health. Paper in the making: https://www.videnscenterforknoglesundhed.dk/forskning/12-phd-projekter/123-evaluering-af-den-forste-osteoprose-app

Business model:
  • B2C, B2B2C, B2G

Therapeutic Area: Diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases in primary care.

Maturity Stage: Our app is part of the National Clinical Guidelines and being downloaded 30 times pr day in average. OSAIA Care and OSAIA Academy is pilot tested in Region of Zealand.

Meet the team
  • Benjamin Suhr
  • CEO and co-founder
  • Pernille Ravn Jakobsen
  • COO and co-founder
What our customers say:

“The app helps me to better understand and manage my osteoporosis” - a patient shared. 

“We strongly believe the app has potential to support even more patients to help them prevent fractures and live a healthy life without unnecessary worries” Camilla Nissen, Head of Secretary, The Osteoporosis Foundation

Let's work together
  • Pernille Ravn Jakobsen
  • COO and co-founder
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