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Fatty liver disease (FLD) is a hidden and global liver pandemic that affect 1 in 3 of us. It kills more than 1 million people a year and is the second most frequent cause of lost working years in Europe. FLD is a hidden disease – meaning that you do not have any symptoms before reaching end-stage (Cirrhosis). At this point 75% dies within 5 years. Moreover, 29% of the worlds' population has the first stage of the disease without knowing it. It is a disease that increase inequality as it targets people that are already struggling with type 2-diabetes, obesity and/or moderate-high alcohol consumption. Primary care is unequipped to ensure timely detection of the the disease - highlighted by 3 out of 4 people with end-stage FLD is diagnosed when it is too late.


We are introducing a new diagnostic platform (all digital) that can detect a silent but potentially fatal chronic liver disease before it reaches end-stage. Early detection is key to successful treatment, yet general practitioners lack accurate tools for detecting advanced fatty liver disease in its asymptomatic stage. Our tool uses standard biomarkers (blood based) as input variables, making it directly compatible with existing patient touchpoints and healthcare practices. This provides cheaper and more precise risk stratification at the first point of contact with the patient. Our solution has a proven track record and shows high performance in especially low-prevalent cohorts. This makes us the perfect candidate for bridging the diagnostic gap to primary care.


Originating from an elite liver research center, we have developed and validated our solution in high-quality health data.  Additionally, we are currently setting up multiple pilots.

Evidence 1: Validated in more than 7,000 patients across several cohorts – representing both UK and DK data.

Evidence 2: Achieve higher accuracy and efficiency compared to other diagnostic solutions in low-prevalent cohort with more than 6,000 patients.

Evidence 3: Significant reduced mean-cost per patient when simulating the health economic cost of different patient pathways.


Business model:

Business model: B2G and B2B

  • (Therapeutic) Area: Liver Disease
  • Maturity Stage: CE-certification expected in Q3 2023
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  • Taus Holtug
  • Co-founder and CEO
  • Katrine Prier Lindvig
  • Co-founder and CSO
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  • Taus Holtug
  • Co-founder and CEO
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