Mental ID

Holistic Patient Profiling to empower physicians to treat their patients, not only their symptoms.


Problem 1: Physical Pain - Due to today’s hyperspecialised and fragmented healthcare system, more than 25% of chronic pain patients have suffered diagnostic and therapeutic errancy over more than 10 years. Drug treatment is insufficient, and causes addiction.
Problem 2: Mental Pain: There is a worldwide major rise of mental health cases but a critical shortage of sufficiently qualified mental health specialists. Telehealth and in-person consultations lack enough time, and waiting lists are too long. Selfhelp will not solve the mental health crisis.


Better preventing, treating and helping heal patients with chronic pain, addictions or mental health issues requires a quick, yet full understanding of their history, personality, and social context. We do it, providing health care professionals with a holistic pre-qualification profile of their patients, highlighting the roots of inner dysfunction, and suggesting how better adapt treatment to personality and psychosomatic profile. These new insights help improve the quality of patients’ intake, avoid costly therapeutic errancy and support research in psychosomatic medicine.


Clinical studies currently in design.

Business model:

Business model: SaaS

Therapeutic area: Diagnostics & Diagnostics Support

Maturity stage: Pre-revenues: MVPnº1 freely tested in Spain, France. Moving into Denmark to develop and launch MVPº2 for pay in 2026 in the Nordics + 4 other major European countries. 

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