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Evidence based autism treatment requires highly skilled behavioural analysts and specialists. We remove the obstacles of distance while maintaining the human touch and professional traits of treatment.


Behavioural therapy has a huge admin overhead. There is a need for digitizing the very intense paper-based workflows, it is difficult for behavioural therapy clinics to scale geographically without opening new physical locations, and parent buy-in and engagement requires a lot of manual reports and communication. This means less time for the kids, making it hard to grow as a high quality behavioural therapy provider. 


Hi Rasmus is a digital health platform for the clinical staff working with kids on the autism spectrum. The solution allows certified behavioural analysts to set up goals, programs, schedules and progress reporting for autism therapy. It’s built on the clinical research within the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis in collaboration with leading researchers in the area. We help clinical staff adhere to higher ethical standards while improving their business by reducing paperwork, re-use of therapy programs, digital progress reporting and billing.


There are currently three University-led studies on the platform in progress. Our current evidence is however anecdotal from our customers who report a saved 0,5-1 hour per day per clinical staff-member, faster progress for the children towards their goals, and a higher level of ethical standards as it is easier to supervise their clinical staff.

Business model:

Business Model: B2B SaaS monthly subscription per client.

Therapeutic Area: Applied Behavioural Analysis.

Maturity Stage: Early scale-up.

Meet the team
  • Nikolaj Hendriksen
  • Founder
What our customers say:

'We are really excited to get started. I have trialed every single online ABA data system under the sun for the past 7-8 years. None have fully met our needs. I have been super impressed with Hi Rasmus.' - Kristin Bailey, Clinical Director, To The Moon And Back ABA, Australia

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  • Hans Larsen
  • COO
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