Epital Health

We deliver patient centered digital health solutions and services, helping society and healthcare authorities manage chronic patients with improved quality and efficiency.


Patients with chronic diseases are a major challenge for healthcare systems and >80% of healthcare budgets are associated with chronic disease. Healthcare authorities need to address prevention and early detection of chronic disease. They need to find new ways to treat chronic patients relying more on in-home treatment, primary care and reducing the need for hospital visits. Healthcare authorities experience a severe shortage of Healthcare Professionals (HCP), therefore need to introduce treatments reducing the need for HCP interventions and involvement.


Epital Health offers patient centric remote treatment of patients in their own home, encouraging patient health literacy and empowerment. The digital health solution ensures real-time registration and data sharing, where the patient reports data several times every day. The level of detailed data registration and number of datapoints are truly unique and the basis for advanced prediction models. Currently Epital Health services are available for chronic lung patients suffering from COPD but the technology is relevant for all chronic patients.


Research indicates yearly savings of 3.200 € per patient per year due to reduction in hospital visits, improved medication and higher treatment compliance leading to better outcomes. Research also indicates that patients achieve higher quality of life, less anxiety and mental problems and that patients live longer. When increased patient health literacy and empowerment is combined with close monitoring and follow up on home treatment through a call center, the need for Healthcare Professional involvement and intervention is substantially reduced.

Business model:

Business Model: B2B and B2C. PPP and risk sharing business models.

Therapeutic Area: Chronic lung patients, heart patients, diabetes patients and mental care.

Maturity Stage: Early PLC Growth stage. The solution is in full operation with patients.

Meet the team
  • Kenneth Thorman
  • Co-founder and Board memeber
  • Martin ABC Hansen
  • Co-founder and Board member
  • Hans Erik Henriksen
  • CEO
  • Klaus Phanareth
  • Health Director and Partner
What our customers say:

'I use Epital every day and the call center always contact me if there is any condition  which needs intervention. I feel safe and free. I can even contact them round the clock, if needed. It is  the best thing that has happened to me as a patient and I warmly recommend Epital.' - Lilian, patient

'As next-of-kin to a chronic patient with COPD I am often worried and uncertain about my role. Treatment of my relative in his own home and the direct and immediate access to healthcare professionals means that I can relax knowing that my relative's chronic disease treatment is compliant with 24*7 direct access to assistance if needed.' - Mathilde, next-of-kin

'Epital Health treatment can "save the lung capacity" of our patients. Patients achieve greater safety and freedom, and they increase their quality of life and improve their happiness. Epital Health patients clearly reduce their need to visit our clinic and we can also see a similar reduction of visits to hospitals.' - Ulla, COPD nurse

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  • Hans Erik Henriksen
  • CEO
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