Our mission is to restore patients’ independence and quality of life by treating and detecting cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


Alzheimer’s disease and dementia results in cognitive impairments, loss of ability to care for self, and a heavy burden on carers, and costs to society. There is a need to treat the cognitive symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, to improve and protect a person’s ability to function in daily life. In order to intervene as early as possible, we need to be able to detect early signs of cognitive decline (from dementia and/or Alzheimer’s). Ultimately, we need to prevent cognitive decline, and/or extend a person’s ability to stay independent while having Alzheimer’s.


Our "digital medicine" software program solutions are delivered as treatment interventions directly to patients through apps on the user’s tablet or phone. Our 3 core technologies are: cognitive stimulation therapy (CST), computerized cognitive training, and memory test for early detection of Alzheimer’s.
CST will be the first product to launch for treatment of cognitive symptoms in dementia. The Digital medicine approach is evidence-based, utilizing rigorous clinical validation, leveraging similar validation methods as traditional pharma. Solutions will be regulated as “Software-as-Medical-Device”.


Brain+ has completed three trials, of which two have delivered positive feasibility data and the third is expected to deliver data in 2021. Brain+ is proceeding with six additional, fully funded trials (all of these being Phase 2a Proof of Concept studies) in cooperation with leading universities in Denmark, Sweden and the UK. Two of these six have already delivered interim results. A CST pilot study with VIA University College showed that the Brain+ digital solution was as effective as standard CST, moving participants 2 points on the MMSE scale. Commercial traction: Brain+ has sold its solutions to clinics with very positive feedback, and its apps to over 1.2 million people.

Business model:

Business Model: Reimbursement on national level (fx. DE DIGA/DIPA).

Therapeutic Area: Dementia, MCI, Alzheimer’s.

Maturity Stage: Phase 2a Proof of concept (for dementia product). Other products for general cognitive training already live.

Meet the team
  • Kim Baden Kristensen
  • CEO
  • Simon Nielsen
  • Dir. Innovation & Science
What our customers say:

'Our citizens experience increased autonomy, confidence, and participation. The self-training aspect means we can offer rehabilitation and prevention options to more citizens without increasing the strain on staff. Our citizens are very pleased with this additional opportunity to optimize their cognitive training at home.' - Lejre Municipality

'The cognitive stimulation therapy program was great.... I have gained more courage.
I am proud that I can better communicate my needs' - Person with dementia

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  • Kim Baden Kristensen
  • CEO
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