Partnership Announcement

We are proud to announce that the Center for Sustainable Hospitals and Health Tech Hub Copenhagen (HTHC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Martin Vesterby, Health Tech Adoption Partner: ’At HTHC we see huge potential in the partnership. There is no doubt that the Center for Sustainable Hospitals’ agenda is relevant and we are impressed by their efforts for changing the status quo, driving the healthcare sector towards a sustainable model. It is necessary and very inspiring work, and one that we are proud to join. Not the least because of how they think in terms of an international agenda and global impact, which is exactly how we at HTHC want the public sector to develop and take responsibility. A partnership across public/private sector with a common global outlook, contributes to creating an environment where knowledge sharing reaches across sectors, regions and our national borders for a higher purpose. We need this for several reasons, including sustainability. The Danish companies developing the latest health tech must also take responsibility for impacting the climate and environment. Danish companies that strategically focus on this challenge will compete better on the international markets and be able to help more patients.’

Health Tech Hub Copenhagen sees this partnership as the groundwork for contributing with solutions that can reduce the Danish healthcare system's CO2 emissions and at the same time build knowledge and competences enabling Danish companies to contribute with validated solutions abroad. Therefore, it is also natural that HTHC takes on a responsibility and we have found the right partner in the Center for Sustainable Hospitals.

Maria Gaden: Digitalization is a growing agenda within healthcare, and so is the need for sustainable transition. Climate change is the biggest threat to health in the 21st century, while at the same time healthcare is responsible for a relatively high level of CO2 emission. We need to explore all potentials for delivering sustainable healthcare in the future, and in the cross field between sustainability and health tech, there are many potentials to be explored and explained. How can health tech help us reduce our consumptions within healthcare, and can sustainability be a driver for a more scalable, more sustainable digital transformation? We are curious on how to estimate and document the total effect on sustainability, that a digital solution has, in regard to both people, profit and planet. Sustainability must always be taken into considerations, from innovation to implementation of all healthcare solutions, including health tech.


About the partners:
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen is a purpose driven innovation hub working with startups, businesses and governments to make adoption of health tech possible — at scale.
Center for Sustainable Hospitals is a joint centre for all hospitals in Central Denmark Region. The purpose of the Centre is to initiate and support the green transition of the hospitals.


For more information on the partnership, reach out to:
Martin Vesterby, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen:
Maria Gaden, Center for Sustainable Hospitals: