Health Tech Hub Copenhagen Partners with Copenhagen Municipality.

Health Tech Hub Copenhagen (HTHC) are happy to announce a partnership with Copenhagen Municipality, anchored in the Center of Digital Care and Center of Welfare Technology (within the Health and Care-administration). The main goal is to improve life quality for citizens and reduce pressure on the municipality through digital health and care technologies.  


“Health Tech Hub Copenhagen is thrilled to embark on this journey with Copenhagen Municipality.” says Jannik Zeuthen, Head of Policy & Partnerships at HTHC. “Municipalities provide important care services to citizens, ranging from elder care to rehabilitation to mental health, and we are truly excited to partner with Copenhagen Municipality on how digital health can both create a positive difference for their citizens and reduce pressure on the healthcare system. The collaboration with Copenhagen Municipality has the potential to impact health outcomes locally and then be scaled out nationally.” 
“All municipalities in Denmark including Copenhagen are challenged by an increasing number of elderly requiring care and health services. Meanwhile we are already experiencing challenges recruiting care workers. We are using all available methods to reduce the gap. Digital and welfare technologies are one of those methods – and an important one”, says Anna Schou Johansen, CFO Copenhagen Health and Care-administration.

Head of Digitalisation, Rikke Saltoft Andersen continues: “We are looking forward to the partnership with HTHC. It is a vital part of our digital strategy to partner with ambitious and competent organisations within and outside the public sector to manage our challenges and achieve our strategic goals. We expect the partnership with HTHC to help us accelerate and increase our ability to quickly identify and implement mature digital solutions. And we plan to reach out to other municipalities and healthcare actors in order to scale solutions and increase value creation.

Nanna Skriver, Head of Innovation and Welcare technologies elaborates: “We have a lot of experience with evaluating and implementing welfare technologies. The main challenge is to identify real and comprehensive problems that can be solved tochnological solutions mature for implementation. The partnership supplements our competences and network with the network HTHC has in Denmark and abroad – giving us a wider perspective on mature solutions.”"


Our joint focus for the first 6 months: 

  • Proactive health management is at the forefront of our initiatives, with a particular focus on early detection of health-related issues in citizens, especially those aged 45 to 55 with medium to high risk of multi-chronic illnesses. This proactive approach aims not only to prevent the onset of illness but also to mitigate the risk of relapse.
  • Rehabilitation efforts will also be in focus, addressing the challenges in current practices and striving for more effective recovery processes to reduce the likelihood of relapse.
  • We will be exploring the whole care pathways from end-to-end, including transitions and communication across the citizens and their families, municipal services, GPs, and specialized hospital care.


At Health Tech Hub Copenhagen we are passionate about helping healthcare providers use digital health to solve large challenges with prevention, treatment and lack of capacity. We are also excited about the entrepreneurial opportunities this partnership brings. Health tech entrepreneurs are one of the keys to a sustainable healthcare system and create a positive impact on many lives every year. 


We look forward to hitting the ground running with Copenhagen Municipality!