Næstved Municipality Paves the Way for the Future of Care with Record Purchase of AI Technology

After a successful pilot project at one of Næstved Municipality's care centers, the municipality is now ready to make a significant investment in AI technology by implementing "The Nurse on the Wall" - a welfare technology solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) - across all its care centers. The solution, developed by the Danish AI company Teton.ai, aims to ensure the quality of care for the municipality's residents in need and to assist the overburdened staff in prioritizing and acting based on residents' needs. This rollout marks the largest municipal investment in artificial intelligence in Danish history.

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"The solution is future-proof and evolves rapidly. We expect Teton to become an increasingly larger part of our care, and eventually, the way in which we handle most of our non-physical and interpersonal tasks in care," says Sander Lorell, Welfare Technology Consultant at Næstved Municipality.

Since June 2022, the care staff at Kildemarkscentret has taken a significant technological leap in supporting care by using the AI monitoring solution Teton One (The Nurse on the Wall). Now, this solution will play a key role in future-proofing the municipality's elderly care.

Teton One provides each citizen with their own AI that watches over them and offers the care staff an extra colleague who supports efficient prioritization of resources and provides insight into residents' needs. For instance, the AI monitors residents who are at risk of falling and helps staff avoid unnecessary visits that could wake residents.

Additionally, Teton One offers newfound insights, such as into residents' circadian rhythms. Armed with this new knowledge, the staff can adjust their care routines, leading to a better working environment and higher quality of care.

Næstved Municipality: A First Mover in Scaling AI-Based Welfare Technology

Based on experiences from Kildemarkscentret, Næstved Municipality has recently completed a tender to scale and extend the use of AI-based monitoring to all its care home residents and potentially also in home care. The choice fell on Denmark's leading AI company in welfare technology, the municipality's pilot partner Teton.ai, which was clearly the strongest in quality.

The contract runs for up to seven years and has a total expected value of DKK 35 million, making it the largest purchase of AI technology in Danish municipal history. This marks the moment where AI technology has become a serious aid in securing Denmark's future care.

Thus, Næstved Municipality becomes one of the welfare technology pioneers, as one of the first Danish municipalities to scale AI technology from pilot to rollout for the benefit of their citizens.

According to Jesper Grønbæk, CEO of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, "Integrating proven health technology solutions from startups is critical for the Danish healthcare system. These innovations not only modernize patient care but also address the shortage of healthcare staff by streamlining processes and benefiting healthcare personnel, patients, and relatives. Implementing solutions like the one Teton.ai offers is a significant step in the advancement of the Danish healthcare system. Scaling digital health technologies nationally can ensure uniform high-quality care throughout Denmark. Moreover, success in the domestic market is key to global expansion and crucial for positioning Denmark as a global leader in health technology."

As Sander Lorell, Welfare Technology Consultant at Næstved Municipality, states, "The conclusion is that Teton's solution creates better security for both citizens and staff, significantly reduces response time, the number of falls, and unnecessary awakenings of residents, which in turn leads to better sleep. The staff experiences a greater sense of security and being in the right place at the right time with the right action. This creates the value that makes us today not hesitate to make this investment."