Meet the Finalists of The Hermit 2024

The need for driving forces

The Danish healthcare system is under pressure, making the implementation of innovative solutions not just a burning need, but a necessity. A good idea remains just that if it is not put into use. We need driving forces: healthcare staff who take a chance, lead the way and show that successful implementation of health tech is possible and that good collaboration pays off.

Today we announce the finalists for this year’s Health Tech Implementation Award (The Hermit): three partnerships involving two municipalities, two hospitals, and three private health technology companies are celebrated for integrating innovation into the core of healthcare work.

The common denominator for the three finalists is that they all are successful public-private collaborations, each solving challenges faced by patients and healthcare staff by improving patient safety and optimizing workflows. Besides addressing specific challenges, The Hermit also celebrates the healthcare professionals who had the courage to seek collaboration with new health technologies and successfully implement a solution.

Innovation That Makes a Difference

These finalists are examples of prioritized and valued collaborations with innovative solutions, which citizens can be thankful for. It is noticeable throughout society when the healthcare system adopts health technology solutions. As it can be seen in the three finalist collaborations, with the implementation of new, innovative solutions comes economic savings, improved staff wellbeing, enhanced patient safety, and more individualized treatment that can reach more people with fewer or the same resources.

All this creates both short-term and long-term positive impact for citizens. Therefore, it is important to celebrate these successful partnerships, as they help to inspire even more collaboration in the future and ensure access to the latest and most innovative technology available.

The finalists:

Aalborg and Høje Taastrup municipalities & Liva Healthcare



Currently, 470,000 people in Denmark live with cardiovascular diseases, 270,000 have diabetes, and about 600,000 over the age of 15 are severely overweight.


Today, many municipalities offer only physical disease prevention courses, which are time-consuming for healthcare staff and difficult for citizens to fit into their daily lives.


There's a need to rethink the preventive effort, and Aalborg and Høje-Taastrup municipalities have chosen to do so by collaborating with Liva Healthcare and implementing their solution.


Liva is a digital tool that combines professional support with the flexibility of digital technology. Through personalized health programs and app-based coaching, Liva offers an alternative to traditional prevention counseling – while also addressing the shortage of healthcare staff.


The implementation of Liva in the collaborating municipalities shows positive and noticeable results for both citizens and healthcare staff – especially in working with vulnerable groups.

North Zealand Hospital, Diagnostic Imaging Department & NordInsight



The Diagnostic Imaging Department at North Zealand Hospital has been involved in the development of NordInsight all the way from its inception to final implementation and has now seen the solution spread to other hospitals.


The journey begins with a unique problem that had not been solved in the healthcare system before.


According to NordInsight, one out of five patients undergoing an MRI scan has an implant, which can have significant consequences in the advanced scanner, if information about the implant is not readily available. This currently creates time-consuming problems for both healthcare staff and patients.


NordInsight has found a solution to this problem: their web-based platform allows radiographers and radiologists to find MRI safety guidelines for implants in minutes.


This ensures greater certainty for the staff, allowing them to improve the quality of their work with less time spent, and simultaneously ensures the best treatment for patients – reducing cancellations.

Odense University Hospital, Bronchoscopy section & O2matic



The collaboration between O2matic and the Bronchoscopy section at Odense University Hospital is an excellent example of how well-known and already tested technologies can be adjusted and used more broadly – thus ensuring constant progress in the healthcare system.


O2matic is a medical device for automated and optimized oxygen therapy, functioning by adjusting oxygen supply based on continuous measurement.


Chief Physician Stefan Møller Luef saw a need to use this type of technology and based on this need the O2matic solution was implemented for use with bronchoscopy patients.


O2matic is a solution that can easily be scaled across the country, allowing even more patients to receive the same high quality of care – and more nurses to have their workload eased.

The winner will be announced on 7. May 2024, at Copenhagen Health Tech Summit 2024.

Join CHTS 2024 on 7th May, where the Hermit Awardshow will take place. We invite the finalists to present their implementation journey on stage, and the esteemed jury will share their expert opinions in a panel debate, before we open the envelope and announce the winning collaboration that receives The Hermit 2024.

About The Hermit

The Health Tech Implementation Awards, The Hermit, is an acknowledgment of the successful collaboration that bridges the gap between the healthcare system and health technology. Innovative solutions can have a significant impact if implemented correctly. The Hermit is a joint achievement - we celebrate the collaborations, but especially the healthcare staff who take the chance and succeed in implementing new solutions. The analogy of the hermit crab needing a suitable shell to live and grow symbolizes how health technology solutions find a foothold in the public healthcare system.

The award will be presented for the third time to a successful collaboration between the healthcare system and a health technology startup that has resulted in implementation. 

The jury consists of five prominent individuals within the Danish healthcare system:

  • Ricco Dyhr, CEO of Zealand University Hospital
  • Dorthe Boe Danbjørg, President, Danish Nurses' Organization
  • Ann-Louise Reventlow-Mourier, Chairman, Danish Association of Practicing Medical Specialists
  • Per Bennetsen, CEO, The Health and Care Administration, City of Copenhagen
  • Morten Freil, CEO, Danish Patients