BrainCapture Receives CE Mark, Expanding Access to Innovative EEG Technology

BrainCapture, a health tech startup on a mission to bring affordable EEG scans and interpretations to everyone, proudly announces it has received CE marking for its pioneering EEG solution. This certification marks a critical milestone, enabling BrainCapture to extend its reach across Europe and into any region recognizing the CE mark.

CE Mark: A Leap Forward for Novel EEG Technology 

By receiving CE marking, BrainCapture's technology is recognized ​as​​ ​meeting the European Union's stringent health, safety, and environmental protection standards. This achievement underscores the company's commitment to providing scalable and affordable epilepsy diagnosis and treatment solutions, especially in areas with limited access to neurological care. 

​As BrainCapture CEO ​Tue Lehn-Schiøler​ says, “Obtaining a CE mark requires compliance with a very demanding regulatory process. The fact we were able to acquire it so quickly speaks to the quality of both our product and our team.” 

Empowering patients through remote diagnosis 

Epilepsy is the world’s most common brain disease, according to the WHO. It affects over 50M people globally, with 75% not having access to adequate treatment. BrainCapture's solution offers an affordable, portable EEG technology that simplifies epilepsy diagnosis, especially in low and middle-income countries, where access to such medical devices and specialists is limited. By utilizing a user-friendly app for data collection, a quality control algorithm to ensure accurate data collection by non-experts, ​​​and a secure cloud-based storage solution, ​BrainCapture enables remote diagnosis by neurologists. This innovative approach significantly lowers the barriers to obtaining accurate epilepsy diagnoses. With the CE marking, ​ ​the solution can become a game-changer for global neurological care. 

BrainCapture’s recently appointed Chairman of the Board, Anish Thakkar, is enthusiastic about the company’s future: "A CE marking is a significant milestone that indicates to both customers and regulators that a medical product meets the highest standards of quality and safety. This certification will open doors to new international markets and facilitate BrainCapture's efforts to reach customers worldwide." ​     ​​ 

Global Impact for Healthy Lives 

Martin Broch Pedersen, Business Development Director at Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, where BrainCapture recently became a member, praises the company’s success: “At Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, we are proud to have yet another of our members obtain the CE mark. Health issues are global, not local, and digital health solutions must be able and ready to scale across borders to impact the lives of patients, their families and enable healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care.”  


About BrainCapture 

Founded in 2019 in Denmark, BrainCapture is on a mission to transform neurological care with its accessible and cost-effective EEG solutions. The company focuses on leveraging digital health technologies to improve epilepsy care worldwide. 

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