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We want to create a world in which ​everyone has equal opportunities.


People with upper limb disability cannot live a life on the same terms and with the same opportunities as everyone else. Most communication solutions require help from relatives or occupational therapists in order to start using them, meaning that the user is not independent. Most communication devices/technologies have poor function, and some doesn’t match the speed of the user´s thoughts, which is why the solutions seem to be very slow and extensive to use. With most communication technologies you are not able to use existing software programs (such as Microsoft Office or other standardized software solutions) without certain extensions or alternative hardware solutions.


The solution is a communication tool that functions like a finger on all touchscreen devices. The user can live life on the same terms and with the same opportunities as everyone else – in most cases the user can continue their life as it was before the injury/ attack (in cases of multiple sclerosis).​ For other users, the use of touchscreens they see other people have can now be implemented in their own life. There is no need for special solutions that work poorly or that requires the help from other people – the user can stay independent and stay in touch.


After conducting a VTV with the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Hospital in Hornbæk it showed that the solution benefits not only the patient but also the occupational therapist who now has more time to spend with the patient instead of being the extended arm for the patient.The solution is a significant part of the rehabilitation process because the patient could immediately join the digital world on own terms. The occupational therapist got released more time to spend time with the patient and train other important things during the rehabilitation. The patient has a stronger outset for being independent when sent home. When the patient is living at home, the quality of life increased.

Business model:

Business Model: B2G, B2C, B2B​.

Therapeutic Area​: Neurodegenerative diseases; Orthopaedic.

Maturity Stage: ​Introduction stage.

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  • Lizanne Svane
  • Founder and CEO
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'Great product!use it every day, enables me to keep using my tablet despite decreasing hand and arm function due to multiple sclerosis. Highly recommend.​' - Jeppe Bülow-Lehnsby

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  • Lizanne Svane
  • CEO
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