SyncVR Medical is a social enterprise with the mission to improve healthcare with Extended Reality (XR). We do this through our XR platform with 30+ XR apps in our XR App Store. We are proud that 150+ healthcare organizations all over Europe are now using our SyncVR Medical Platform to make a positive impact in healthcare with XR.


Bringing together the scattered landscape for VR/AR in healthcare. Reducing pain, medication and stress with patients, improving rehabilitation and improving healthcare education and training.


SyncVR Medical provides the all-in-one VR/AR platform for healthcare organizations. Through our App Store, healthcare organizations get access to the world’s best XR apps for healthcare, from pain management to education and rehabilitation. Scientifically validated, CE certified and fully implemented by our team.


Hospitals and patients have already used and tested VR glasses and our platform. From that multiple studies have been made. ‘’’VR is effective in decreasing acute pain and promising in decreasing chronic pain’’ (Mallari 2019 - meta-analysis) / ‘’VR rehab is more effective than traditional rehab programmes’’ (Howard, 2017 - meta-analysis) / “VR training is more effective, cheaper and faster than eLearning or classroom learning” (PwC, 2020).

Business model:

Business Model: B2B

Therapeutic Area: Pain and anxiety reduction, Rehabilitation, Education

Maturity Stage: Ready to enter the market

Meet the team
  • Robbert Brouwer
  • COO
  • Nadja R. Larsen
  • Business Developer Healthcare Nordics
What our customers say:

'... VR is an effective tool in reducing acute pain both during and after a VR intervention' - Mallari, B., Spaeth, E. K., Goh, H., & Boyd, B. S. (2019). Virtual reality as an analgesic for acute and chronic pain in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of pain research, 12, 2053

'With my VR-headset I’m not anxious anymore, I’m just watching elephants' - OLVG pediatrics

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  • Nadja R. Larsen
  • Business Developer DK
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