Sani Nudge

We contribute to human health by connecting healthcare institutions with actionable insights that improve patient and healthcare worker safety.


Improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, reduce adverse events. Infections among staff and patients are the most common adverse event in healthcare globally. 9 million patients acquire an infection during admission yearly in Europe. 70% of infections are preventable. When infected, the admission is extended with 7-10 days, it increases antibiotic usage , 30% gets readmitted within the first 30 days, cost of patients with HAI increases by factor 3. There is a need to automate the manual documentation processes related to hand hygiene, cleaning, outbreak management, staff workflow.


Sani Nudge is a platform solution for healthcare organizations that improves safety and reduces operational costs. It consist of intelligent sensor networks that provide actionable insights. Sani Nudge focuses on automation of hand hygiene audits, outbreak management, staff workflow optimization and room cleaning. The automation of the processes and the prevention of adverse events contribute to the labour-saving efforts.


10 peer-reviewed studies published in international scientific journals.

57% reduction in staff sick leave caused by infections. Reduction in the need of temporary workers.

67% reduction in healthcare-acquired infections.

Doubling of healthcare workers’ hand hygiene levels.

Business model:
  • Business Model: B2B/G, SaaS.
  • Therapeutic Area: Infection prevention, patient safety, staff workflow, quality management.
  • Maturity Stage: PLC: Introduction and growth depending on the market.
Meet the team
  • Theis Jensen
  • CEO
  • Marco Bo Hansen
  • Senior Medical Director
What our customers say:

'Sani Nudge was the solution we needed to ensure patient and staff safety' - IPC nurse and 4-year customer of Sani Nudge

'The actionable insights from the Sani Nudge platform have helped to protect staff and patients from harm' - Chief Quality Officer, European University Hospital

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  • Marco Bo Hansen
  • Senior Medical Director
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