To help those suffering from autoimmune conditions feel like themselves again.


There are more than 80 different autoimmune diseases and many more that are undefined or considered rare. Although the exact causes of autoimmunity remain uncertain, autoimmune diseases are largely thought to be caused or intensified  by either genetic or environmental factors. It takes, on average, 6 years to get an accurate diagnosis for autoimmunity and only one out of four people find relief in prescription medication for symptoms. COVID long haulers have similar symptoms to autoimmune patients and are often difficult to diagnose and offer options for relief.


We understand that autoimmunity is personal; no two people have the same environmental factors, triggers, or symptoms. Our individualized approach to autoimmune diagnosis includes a data assessment coupled with hands-on health coaching to bring relief to our members' symptoms - quickly.


Whether shown through case studies or clinical validation, Mymee has successfully helped all of its members to find relief from chronic autoimmune conditions. 76% of Mymee clients see improvement in fatigue​, 70% of Mymee clients see improvement in pain and 92% of Mymee clients see improvement in stiffness and mobility​. But, beyond the statistics, we’re also a team built up of real people who know what autoimmunity feels like personally. That’s a win-win for providing meaningful support.

Business model:

Business Model: B2C

Therapeutic Area: Autoimmune Disease

Maturity Stage: Introduction, ready for growth​

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  • Mette Dyhrberg
  • Founder & CEO
What our customers say:

'Mymee is a completely new treatment modality for autoimmune disease and as a clinician, that is fascinating. It is a great alternative in a field that has not evolved very much despite pharmacological advancements.' - Dr. Kurt Herzer

'Before, I could only feel okay by staying on a very strict regime, but I never knew what was working! Now with Mymee I have been given a road map to my specific triggers and I’m no longer flying blind.' - Nate

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  • Mette Dyhrberg
  • CEO
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