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Stress and mental health have long been mounting challenges in the modern workplace so in 2014 Howdy set out to address the growing stress curve in the labor market. The needs that Howdy is focused to satisfy include the reduction of stress-related sick leaves, efficient tools to monitor employees’ wellbeing at the hybrid workplace, enable management to take responsibility of workplace wellbeing allowing employees to focus on their core tasks. 


Howdy is a digital solution that includes a digital monitoring of employees' mental and physical wellbeing. Through our Advanced detection algorithms, we detect early-stage declining wellbeing and react before problems manifests. The support we provide is two-folded - Howdy supports their users with digital content such as exercises, training videos, tips & tricks, etc. and they call our users where our advanced detection algorithms detects declining wellbeing. The data collected is shared with the company (employer) in an anonymous/statistical form but at a detailed enough level to provide valuable insight to the team managers, HR and top management.


Over the years customers and scientists have again and again documented the great effect of Howdy. Many customers reports significant reduction of sick-leaves and improved organizational wellbeing. Some of the evidence has shown that: 

-Scientific study in Nordic Journal of Psychiatry documents 6 times faster recovery

-Scientific Study made by Denmark's Evaluation Institute amongst a group of students using Howdy shows an increase of 12 percentage points of the general wellbeing after counselling conversations

-Study on a Municipality’s wellbeing data shows an incredible 22 percentage points increase in the general wellbeing.

Business model:

Business Model: B2B

(Therapeutic) Area: Employee and organizational wellbeing (mental- and physical wellbeing)

Maturity Stage: TRL9 (Mature, well documented Product-Market-Fit)

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  • Rasmus Hartung
  • Co-founder and CEO
  • Gunnar Brabrand
  • Sales director and Partner
What our customers say:

we have not had any employees on long term sick leave since we started with Howdy five years ago”, Sabina Lund, Surgery Department, NSR Hospitals

The support Howdy has provided has been invaluable”, John Carter, Project Engineer, Siemens Gamesa

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