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With practical experience from several areas of healthcare, Enversion has experienced the challenges in the way we look at healthcare today. There is an increasing number of people with chronic illnesses, longer life expectancy, and growing demands for healthcare that will make the challenges even greater in the future. That's why there is a need for efficient use of health data to promote faster and more accurate diagnoses, personalized treatments, automated prevention and treatment, and more time for the most vulnerable patients.


With expertise in healthcare data, design, AI, research, and consultancy, Enversion creates data platforms and transform solutions and products to improve well-being for the citizens and professionals.


Enversion provides data platforms which enables service providers and public and private health actors to structure and access health data.

Journl helps the patient to register valuable PRO data correctly, faster and easier and gives the clinicians and patients increased disease insight through feedback.

aEye is an automated treatment regime combining healthcare systems with AI to diagnose and manage the treatment of eye disease.

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